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The magnetic field B is defined from the Lorentz Force Law, and specifically from the magnetic force on a moving charge: The implications of this expression include

Magnetism: fields and forces

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Magnets exert forces and torques on each other due to the complex rules of electromagnetism. The forces of attraction field of magnets are due to microscopic currents of electrically charged electrons orbiting nuclei and the intrinsic magnetism of fundamental particles (such as electrons)...

Forces on currents in magnetic fields

A magnetic field will exert a force on a single moving charge, so it follows that it will also exert a force on a current, which is a collection of moving charges.

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A magnetic field is characterized by the vector of magnetic induction B, which defines the force acting on a moving electric charge at a given point in the field...

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15. Magnetic Forces – on Wires A wire carrying a current in a magnetic field feels a force. A simple way to demonstrate this is shown in the diagram.

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The direction of the field is by definition the direction of the force on the north end of a magnet. Since most texts contain diagrams of magnetic fields they will not be reproduced here.

The magnetic force and field

Clearly, the magnetic force is small compared with the electric force unless the speed of the particles is high (a significant fraction of the velocity of light). A magnetic field B can be associated with the...

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A magnet will move to maximize the magnetic field in the direction of its magnetic moment.

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The power to create magnetic force-fields. A sub-power of Magnetokinetic Constructs, variation of Force-Field Generation. Magnetic Force-Field Generation/Creation. The user can create force-fields out of magnetic energy...

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