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Magnetic Force Calculator


This magnetic force calculator calculates the magnetic force which a moving charge exerts travelling through a magnetic field.

Magnetism – Proof of Concept | Force between wires


The diagrams showing forces between current carrying wires gave a good idea of how something resembling a magnetic force could arise from a velocity-dependant electric force.

How to Calculate the Magnetic Force of a Solenoid | eHow


Force = charge x velocity of the charge x (magnetic constant x number of turns in solenoid x current).

Find Force of Magnetic Field (B) - Physics Calculator


Online physics calculator to calculate force of magnetic field using current, length and angle between current and magnetic field.

Calculations – Forces – Energy


Weak Force. Velocity. Acceleration. Constants.

Magnetic forces


The magnetic field B is defined from the Lorentz Force Law, and specifically from the magnetic force on a moving charge: The implications of this expression include: 1. The force is perpendicular to both the velocity v of the charge q and the magnetic field B.

SparkNotes: SAT Physics: Magnetic Force on Charges


You can calculate the magnitude of the magnetic force without using the right-hand rule, so long as you know the angle, , between the velocity vector and the magnetic field vector: The sin term is important...

magnetic force velocity calculator


Force = charge x velocity of the charge x magnetic field strength.

Chapter 27 | Magnetic field lines are not lines of force


• How can magnetic forces, which act only on moving charges, explain the behavior of a compass needle? • In this chapter, we will look at how magnetic fields affect charges.

K&J Magnetics - Magnet Calculator


Click here to go to our Repelling Force Magnet Calculator that shows the repelling force generated between two same-sized magnets.


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