Calculate magnet repulsive force?

Calculate magnet repulsive force? I'm looking to make a "floating" model by insetting NdFeB rare-earth magnets with same poles facing so they repel.

Pull and Push Between 2 Disc Magnets

Calculate the Pull and Repulsion Forces Between Two Disc Magnets. Use to calculate the approximate pull force (for magnets in attracting positions) or repulsion force (for magnets in repelling positions) between two identical disc magnets, separated by a distance X.

Calculation Tool-Kit | Pull Calculations for Flexible Strip Magnets

Pull Calculations for Rectangular Shaped Magnets. w. Pull force of a rectangular magnet in contact with a soft iron plate. w. Attraction and repulsion force between two identical rectangular magnets separated by distance x. Pull Calculations for Flexible Strip Magnets.

Is magnetic attraction as high as magnetic repulsion?

The attractive as well as the repulsive force decrease quickly with increasing distance. Therefore, only many large magnets make it possible to keep heavy objects, like beds, in levitation via repulsion. By comparison: Customer application Stool with magnetic suspension uses 8...

How to Calculate the Repulsion of Two Charges | eHow

Calculating the Force of Repulsion between electrical charges is the first step to solve problems involving charges, magnetic fields, energy and work.

Force between magnets - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Magnets exert forces and torques on each other due to the complex rules of electromagnetism. The forces of attraction field of magnets are due to microscopic currents of electrically charged electrons orbiting nuclei and the intrinsic magnetism of fundamental particles (such as electrons)...

Can we calculate magnetic attraction and repulsion... - Quora

Can we calculate magnetic attraction and repulsion (between two magnets)?

Calculation of vertical force between nite, cylindrical

The repulsive force di-minishes because of this penetration, but due to the pinning of the magnetic lines in the inhomogeneities of the supercon-ducting material, a desired

Effective and robust calculation

Effective and robust calculation of magnetic force. M. Kosek, T. Mikolanda, A. Richter.

C URRENT limiting circuit breakers such as molded case

Therefore, it is very important to analyze electromagnetic force for the optimization design of MCCB. Many works have been carried out in the eld of repulsion forces and related magnetic eld investigation.

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