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Magnetic tape is a medium for magnetic recording, made of a thin, magnetizable coating on a long, narrow strip of plastic film. It was developed in Germany, based on magnetic wire recording. Devices that record and play back audio and video using magnetic tape are tape recorders and video tape...

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Magnetic tape data storage is a system for storing digital information on magnetic tape using digital recording. Modern magnetic tape is most commonly packaged in cartridges and cassettes. The device that performs writing or reading of data is a tape drive.

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An audio tape recorder, tape deck or tape machine is an analog audio storage device that records and plays back sounds, including articulated voices, usually using magnetic tape, either wound on a reel or in a cassette, for storage.

Magnetic tape


Magnetic tape is a medium for magnetic recording, made of a thin magnetizable coating on a long, narrow strip of plastic. It was developed in Germany

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A tape or ribbon of any material impregnated or coated with magnetic or other material on which information may be placed in the form of magnetically polarized spots.

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Magnetic tape, similar to the tape used in tape recorders, has also been used for auxiliary storage, primarily for archiving data.

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Magnetic tape is a long and narrow strip of plastic that thin magnetic material is coated on. Nearly all recording tape is of this type, whether used for recording audio or video or computer data storage. Magnetic tape recording uses magnetic tape which moves on a recording head.

Magnetic Recording: Analog Tape


Magnetic tape Magnetic tape used for audio recording consists of a plastic ribbon onto which a layer of magnetic material is glued.

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Tape drives run the magnetic tape during the recording process and also stores the tape onto a reel for easy retrieval.

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Magnetic tapes can store up to one terabyte of uncompressed data - as much as can be stored on a hard disk. Magnetic tape uses 'serial access' to find a piece of data.

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