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    • This article explains magnetism for kids, and also lists the different types of magnet, and the various uses of magnets.


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    A simple introduction to magnetism, electromagnetism, and some of the things we can use them for.


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    • The ultimate guide to magnets for kids aged 8 - 16yrs. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by and using our ‘magnetism for kids’ resource, kindly hosted for you by Professor Gauss.


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    • Magnetism for Kids - Interesting videos, lessons, quiz games, interactive diagrams, presentations and activities on magnetism.


  5. Fun Magnet Facts for Kids - Magnetic Information about Magnetism

    • ...facts for kids and enjoy learning some truly magnetic information about the world of magnetism. Find out what a magnet is, how magnetic fields work, which metals are magnetic and which aren't...


  6. Magnetism for Kids - YouTube

    You will learn about "Magnetism" in this video. "Introduction to Magnets". A magnet is an object or device that produces a magnetic field.


  7. Magnets & Magnetism for kids - YouTube

    • What is a magnet?How it can pull other things?What is magnetism?What is magnetic field?
    • Up next. Magnetism for Kids - Duration: 6:04.


  8. Magnetism for Kids : Magnetic Sculptures

    • Magnetism for kids is something I could probably explore for month here on Babble Dabble Do, but you might get a little bored…or would you?


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    A short introduction to magnets and magnetism hosted by the wacky Professor Gauss. Watch as Professor Gauss explains the four key rules of magnetism.


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    • Learn about magnetism with these fun facts from first4magnets. Ideal for kids to explore the exciting world of magnets. Downloadable fact sheet.