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In mathematics and physics, the right-hand rule is a common mnemonic for understanding orientation conventions for vectors in three dimensions. Most of the various left- and right-hand rules arise from the fact that the three axes of 3-dimensional space have two possible orientations.



• Magnetism • Earth’s magnetic field • Magnetic fields • Drawing the magnetic fields • Strength of magnetic fields • Magnetic fields around wires • The right-hand grip rule • The solenoid.

Right-hand rule


The right hand grip rule is a convention derived from the right-hand rule convention for vectors. When applying the rule to current in a straight wire for example, the direction of the magnetic field (counterclockwise instead of clockwise when viewed from the tip of the thumb)...

Magnetic Fields | Fleming’s left-hand rule ('the motor rule')


The ‘right-hand grip rule’ can be used to give the direction of the magnetic field lines produced by a current in a long straight wire

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Right Hand Grip Rule and Maxwell's Screw Rule - Duration: 3:25. myhometuition 23,936 views.

Magnetism Hand Rules


Magnetism Hand Rules. Used to find: Rule. Field for a straight wire. Right hand grip rule with thumb = current.

In this page, you would learn about right hand grip rule.


Pitch and Loudness. Theme 5: Electricity and Magnetism >. Unit 16: Static Electricity or Electrostatics >.

electromagnetism - Basic question about Magnetism and Right hand...


In our physics class we had a brief introduction to magnetism - the very basics, but I don't understand the right hand grip rule. Here is the question I'm stuck on: "a negatively charged object travels past you in a straight line from left to right...

Fleming Left Hand rule and Fleming Right Hand rule | Electrical4u


This can be imagined by considering numbers of closed magnetic lines of force around the conductor. The direction of magnetic lines of force can be determined by Maxwell's corkscrew rule or right-hand grip rule.

Magnetic Effect of Electric Current | Tutorvista.com


It is then possible to produce magnetism without any magnetic substance at all. A coil of wire could produce a magnetic field exactly like the field around a permanent magnet.


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