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In mathematics and physics, the right-hand rule is a common mnemonic for understanding orientation conventions for vectors in three dimensions. Most of the various left- and right-hand rules arise from the fact that the three axes of 3-dimensional space have two possible orientations.

Determining the Pole of the Magnetic Field - Right Hand Grip Rule


Card 4: Straight Wire - Direction of the magnetic field: Right Hand Grip Rule.

Magnetism Hand Rules


Magnetism Hand Rules. Used to find: Rule. Field for a straight wire. Right hand grip rule with thumb = current.



• Magnetism • Earth’s magnetic field • Magnetic fields • Drawing the magnetic fields • Strength of magnetic fields • Magnetic fields around wires • The right-hand grip rule • The solenoid.

Magnetic Fields | Fleming’s left-hand rule ('the motor rule')


The ‘right-hand grip rule’ can be used to give the direction of the magnetic field lines produced by a current in a long straight wire

Right-hand rule


The right hand grip rule is a convention derived from the right-hand rule convention for vectors. When applying the rule to current in a straight wire for example, the direction of the magnetic field (counterclockwise instead of clockwise when viewed from the tip of the thumb)...

Right hand grip rule


Right-hand rule — For the related yet different principle relating to electromagnetic coils, see right hand grip rule .In mathematics and physics, the right hand rule is a

Magnetic Effect of Electric Current | Tutorvista.com


It is then possible to produce magnetism without any magnetic substance at all. A coil of wire could produce a magnetic field exactly like the field around a permanent magnet.

GCSE Physics: magnetic field directions - right hand grip rule


We can use the right hand grip rule to remember the relationship between current and field around a wire: Grab the wire with your right fist (as shown), thumb pointing up: this is the direction of conventional current ( + to

electromagnetism - Basic question about Magnetism and Right hand...


In our physics class we had a brief introduction to magnetism - the very basics, but I don't understand the right hand grip rule. Here is the question I'm stuck on: "a negatively charged object travels past you in a straight line from left to right...

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