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Click here to see more of Malachite's quotes. "Malachite" is the fusion of Jasper and Lapis Lazuli, who first appeared in the episode "Jail Break". After being fused for several months, she was finally defeated by Alexandrite during their battle in "Super Watermelon Island".

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—Miltiades, to Melanie Malachite about Yang Xiao Long. Miltiades "Miltia" Malachite, is a character introduced in the "Yellow" Trailer. She and her twin sister Melanie Malachite are seen working for Junior Xiong at his club, where they fight Yang Xiao Long. Miltia's weapons of choice are her claws.

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Malachite Ore is a crafting material found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Malachite ore is used to make refined malachite at a smelter. Once turned into Refined Malachite, it is used to create and improve glass armor and glass weapons.

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—Melanie, in response to Miltia Malachite's question. Melanie Malachite is a character introduced in the "Yellow" Trailer. She and her twin sister Miltia Malachite are seen working for Junior Xiong when they fight Yang Xiao Long. Melanie's weapons of choice are her heels.

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Malachite Gems are very rare gems that are used for level 10* enchantments. Here are some ways to get them: Accept the quest The Horror of High Hall from Beatrice and complete it, they will reward you with 2 Malachite gems.

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Malachite (クンツァイト Kunzite?) is the fourth and final of Queen Beryl's warriors of the Negaverse. Arguably the strongest of the four, he aids his lover, Zoycite, in her attempt destroy the Sailor Scouts and reclaim the Silver Moon Crystal.

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Pogo is a crew that sails the Meridian Ocean. The crew currently flies the flag of Naughty Nerds. Pogo was created by Grappe cause he hates big crews. He wanted small crew consisting of very good bnavers, that's why no one under Grand-Master Bnav will be let in. Grappe is ruling the crew with...

The Fight

(Make sure you are fully buffed before entering.) The Fight: The First Part of Malachite that most of you already know is fighting a hoard of "One Eyed Ogres".

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...Gourd Hanging Moss Imp Stool Iron Ore Vein Jazbay Juniper Lavender Leek Malachite Ore Vein Mammoth Cheese Moonstone Ore.

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