Solapur university, solapur | Introduction to managerial Economics

Introduction to managerial Economics. A) Meaning and Definition – Nature and scope – Economic. Theory and Managerial Theory – Role and. Responsibility of Managerial Economist – Managerial. Economics and Decision Making – objectives of. Business firms.

M.Com. Part – I, Semester I

Economic factors influecing decisions, Functions Role and Responsibilities of Managerial Economist. Principles in Managerial decision analysis. Micro-Macro Economics – Definition, scope, merits-demerits, importance and uses, limitations, Paradox of Micro Economics...

Economic Analysis for M.Com Annual System, Part I

“Managerial Economics in a Global Economy” 2nd edition, McGrew-Hill. Further suggested readings. 1. Hirschey, M. Managerial Economics, (10th edition) U.S.A. Thomson south-western, (2003). (applied business & economics)

. Course Structure for M.Com. (Applied Business & Economics) under Semester System to be imposed from Academic.

Managerial economics Notes For M-com (Final) Year

Published on Jan 30, 2014. Managerial economics Notes For M-com (Final)Year.

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Jiwaji university, gwalior | SEMESTER- IV (Applied Economics)

Jiwaji university, gwalior (mp), Syllabus 2013-2015 2. SEMESTER- IV (Business Management).


Syllabus. Department of business finance and economics (Previous) B.F.E. Examination, 2015 M.Com. (Final) B.F.E. Examination, 2016.

M.k bhavnagar university

Managerial economics,finance & accounts-i ,finance & accounts-ii ,marketing management.

M.Com Semester System

of Exam Theory Sessional Marks. I st Semester. Management Process & 2 Hours 60 40 100. Organizational Behaviour. Managerial Economics 2 Hours 60 40 100. Statistical Analysis.

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