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  1. Mandate - definition of mandate by The Free Dictionary

    • 1. To assign (a colony or territory) to a specified nation under a mandate of the League of Nations. 2. To make mandatory, as by law; decree or require: mandated desegregation of public schools.


  2. Mandate - Wikipedia

    Mandate may refer to: Mandate (criminal law), an official or authoritative command; an order or injunction. Mandate (international law), an obligation handed down by an inter-governmental body. Mandate (magazine), a monthly gay pornographic magazine.


  3. Mandate (politics) - Wikipedia

    In politics, a mandate is the authority granted by a constituency to act as its representative. The concept of a government having a legitimate mandate to govern via the fair winning of a democratic election is a central idea of representative democracy.


  4. Mandate legal definition of mandate

    • Mandate. A judicial command, order, or precept, written or oral, from a court; a direction that a court has the authority to give and an individual is bound to obey.


  5. Mandate | Define Mandate at Dictionary.com

    • a command or authorization to act in a particular way on a public issue given by the electorate to its representative: The president had a clear mandate to end the war.


  6. Define mandate: an official order to do something — mandate in a sentence

    • They carried out the governor's mandate to build more roads. He won the election so convincingly that he believed he had been given a mandate for change.


  7. Mandate Synonyms, Mandate Antonyms | Thesaurus.com

    • It was the mandate of his instinct that that head must be free. The wretched Theodora was then ordered to retire, but she was unable to obey the mandate.


  8. Mandate dictionary definition | mandate defined

    • The definition of a mandate is a command to do something. An example of mandate is a state requiring schools to teach a particular curriculum.


  9. Mandatory Palestine - Wikipedia

    • In September 1947, the British government announced that the Mandate for Palestine would end at midnight on 14 May 1948.[53][54][55].


  10. League of Nations mandate - Wikipedia

    A League of Nations mandate was a legal status for certain territories transferred from the control of one country to another following World War I, or the legal instruments that contained the internationally agreed-upon terms for administering the territory on behalf of the League of Nations.