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The Mandate of Heaven (天命) was a principle used to justify the power of the emperor of China, as well as explaining suitability for the office. According to this belief, heaven bestows its mandate to a just ruler, the Son of Heaven.

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The Xuanzong Emperor of the Tang Dynasty flees into the mountains during the An Lushan Rebellion. via Wikipedia. By Kallie Szczepanski. Asian History Expert. By Kallie Szczepanski.

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The Mandate of Heaven differed from the divine right of kings in three respects. Firstly, Chinese religion, unlike Christianity, was not monotheistic.

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Good rulers would be allowed to rule with the Mandate of heaven, and despotic, unjust rulers would have the Mandate revoked.

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The Mandate of Heaven sounded like a good idea. The Mandate of Heaven created a justification system. The Mandate either said or implied three major things.

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He ruled society with the "Mandate of Heaven." Myron Cohen :: The emperor as the Son of Heaven had received the Mandate of Heaven to rule society.

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Good rulers were allowed to rule under the Mandate of Heaven, while despotic, unjust rulers had the Mandate revoked.

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importance of the mandate of heaven. has been in place since the zhou until the dynasty system ended and it can be argued that it is still used today.

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The Mandate of Heaven was first used by the Zhou Dynasty to justify its overthrow of the Shang Dynasty and would be used by many succeeding dynasties in the same way.

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