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The Mandate of Heaven postulates that heaven would bless the authority of a just ruler, as defined by the Five Confucian Relationships, but would be displeased with a despotic ruler and would withdraw its mandate, leading

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(plural Mandates of Heaven). Any such mandate or blessing. The Chinese philosophical concept of the circumstances under which a ruler is allowed to rule.

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The Mandate of Heaven is an ancient Chinese belief/theory and philosophical idea that tiān (heaven) granted emperors the right to rule based on their ability to govern well, appropriately and fairly. According to this belief, heaven bestows its mandate to a just ruler, the Son of Heaven.

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The Xuanzong Emperor of the Tang Dynasty flees into the mountains during the An Lushan Rebellion. via Wikipedia. Updated January 14, 2015. The "Mandate of Heaven" is an ancient Chinese philosophical concept, which originated during the Zhou Dynasty (1046-256 BCE).

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A theory of political legitimacy, developed by the Zhou dynasty in the 11th century BCE to justify its overthrow of the Shang, holding that legitimacy is granted by Heaven, and can be lost by a ruler who does not govern virtuously.

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