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A mandatory sentence is a court decision setting where judicial discretion is limited by law. Typically, people convicted of certain crimes must be punished with at least a minimum number of years in prison.

What are Mandatory Minimums?

Most mandatory minimum sentences apply to drug offenses, but Congress has enacted them for other crimes, including certain gun, pornography, and economic offenses.

Mandatory Minimum Sentences: Arguments for and Against

Mandatory minimum sentences are the product of good intentions, but good intentions do not always make good policy; good results are also necessary.

Than we can afford | Mandatory Minimum Sentences and Deterrence

Mandatory minimum sentences and deterrence Shifting discretion in the criminal justice system Perpetuating systemic discrimination.

Basic Data - Mandatory Minimum Sentences | Drug War Facts

(Mandatory Minimum Sentences in the Federal System FY2010, by Drug Type) "Approximately two-thirds (66.1%, n=15,831) of the 23...

What Are Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Laws -

How Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Laws Affect Your Sentence. When your crime is subject to a mandatory minimum sentencing law, the judge has much less discretion in setting your punishment.

Have Mandatory Minimum Jail Sentences Been... -

"The purpose of mandatory minimum sentences is to prevent the judicial trivialization of serious drug crimes. They do that well, to which some protest....

10 Most Outrageous Mandatory Minimum - Business Insider

A lot of drug crimes like Horner's carry mandatory minimum sentences that force judges to give harsh punishments even if they want to show mercy to vulnerable defendants.

What are mandatory minimum sentences? | PBS

Mandatory minimum sentences for drug crimes are based on the amount of drugs involved. Different drugs have different set quantities that trigger a specific minimum sentence.

The Consequences of

Mandatory minimum sentencing statutes have been tried in the federal system before, The Consequences of Mandatory Minimum Prison Terms.

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