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  1. What are Mandatory Minimums?

    • Most mandatory minimum sentences apply to drug offenses, but Congress has enacted them for other crimes, including certain gun, pornography, and economic offenses.


  2. Mandatory sentencing - Wikipedia

    Mandatory sentencing requires that offenders serve a predefined term for certain crimes, commonly serious and violent offenses. Judges are bound by law; these sentences are produced through the legislature, not the judicial system.


  3. Reconsidering Mandatory Minimum Sentences: The Arguments for and Against Potential Reforms | The Heritage Foundation

    • Mandatory minimum sentences are the product of good intentions, but good intentions do not always make good policy; good results are also necessary.


  4. Federal mandatory minimums | STATUTE & U.S. SENTENCING

    • This list includes all federal (not state) sentencing laws that require the judge to give the offender a mandatory minimum prison term.


  5. Drug Laws And Snitching - A Primer | Snitch | FRONTLINE | PBS

    • What are mandatory minimum sentences? A mandatory minimum sentence is a minimum number of years, typically 5- or 10-years in prison...


  6. Sentencing 101

    • Mandatory minimum sentences—set by Congress, not judges—require automatic, minimum prison terms for certain crimes.


  7. Federal Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Statutes

    • The most common imposed federal mandatory minimum sentences arise under the Controlled Substance and Controlled Substance Import and Export Acts...


  8. Theories of Punishment and Mandatory Minimum Sentences | The Heritage Foundation

    • First, offenders charged with certain mandatory minimum sentences can potentially receive lower sentences by offering “substantial assistance” to prosecutors.[55]...


  9. What Are Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Laws | Attorneys.com

    • Mandatory minimum sentencing laws set minimum sentences for certain crimes that judges cannot lower, even for extenuating circumstances.


  10. Federal Mandatory Minimum Sentencing

    • The mandatory minimum sentences were added to §924 as a floor amendment to the Gun Control Act of 1968.6 The amendment, as introduced, called for a...