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Mandatory child abuse reporting laws differ in what needs to be reported, and by whom, both within and between nations.[1] Laws, media...

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These mandatory reporting laws were instituted to help promote awareness of child abuse and early intervention, if possible.

Mandatory Reporting Laws: Child Abuse and Neglect


Mandatory reporting laws differ for each state when it comes to child abuse – which includes physical abuse, sexual abuse, and emotional abuse.

Advocacy Tips for Amending State Mandatory Reporting to Law...


With mandatory reporting laws, reporting is not limited to a specific group of individuals being treated by a health care professional.

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13. Laws in 15 States make clear that, regardless of any policies within the organization, the mandatory reporter is not relieved of his or her responsibility to report.

Mandatory Reporting Laws for Domestic Violence | eHow


Although state laws vary, mandatory reporters typically include teachers and healthcare providers. Their reports must include certain information...

Reporting Elder Abuse; Mandatory Reporting Laws in Kansas


(Definitions) Do the mandatory reporting laws apply to me?  How can the mandatory reporting laws affect  me?

Mandatory Reporting of


mandatory reporting law. A mandatory reporter who has reasonable cause to believe a child has been abused must. report the situation to the proper authority immediately...

Causing conflict: indiana's mandatory reporting laws...


Part III examines the laws and legal rules entwined with Indiana's mandatory reporting laws, and how Indiana addressed the conflict between them.

LAWS & SCHOOLS | Summary of the Key Reporting Statutes


In New Hampshire, schools are subject to a variety of state mandatory reporting laws. Administrators and staff throughout the state are being told how important it is that they comply with laws.

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