Mandatory reporting - What practitioners need to know - NSW Health...

Mandatory reporting requirements for registered health practioners, employers and education providers.

Mandatory Reporting – Does it work?

In introducing mandatory reporting the then NSW Health Minister, Reba Meagher stated clearly that its introduction was based on public perceptions not any evidence that it would improve medical standards. “

Mandatory reporting

The Requirements- Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (NSW) – S.141. o This section applies to a registered health practitioner (the "first health practitioner") who, in the course of practicing the

Child protection report | Mandatory reporters

Mandatory reporters from Ageing, Disability and Home Care, Housing NSW and Juvenile Justice in the Department of Human Services, NSW Health, NSW Police Force and Department of Education

Mandatory reporting: cure worse than illness? | Medical Journal...

Why NSW law is interpreted as requiring mandatory notification of all involuntary hospital admissions of nurses and doctors to their respective councils

Mandatory reporting by health care professionals

Proponents of mandatory reporting by health care providers argue that such laws improve domestic. violence screening by medical care providers and thus create an opportunity for state intervention at what is.

Child Wellbeing & Child Protection | The Mandatory Reporter Guide

How to report risk of significant harm. In an emergency, where there are urgent concerns for the child’s health or life, it is important to contact the police, using the emergency line ‘000’.

YOUTH | 6.2 Who is a mandatory reporter?

Mandatory reporters working in certain government agencies (eg NSW Health, The Department of Education and Training, the NSW Police, and Juvenile Justice, Housing and Aging, Disability and Home Care) may now make a report to the Child Wellbeing Unit in their department, instead of to DoCS.

Fact Sheet | Maltreatment types for which it is mandatory to report

• New South Wales requires mandatory reporting for a person under the age of 16 years.

Mandatory reporting of child abuse requirements for medical

Mandatory reporting of child abuse applies to medical imaging professionals in some states of Australia. All health professionals must be aware of their

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