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  1. mandatory reporting line nsw phone number

    • A phone number was mandatory on the order form, yet… .....
    • NSW – All YMCA NSW staff can make a report to the Child Protection Helpline by contacting the mandatory reporter number: Telephone: 133 627.


  2. mandatory reporting nsw phone number

    • The phone number for mandatory reporters is 133 627, and for the general public 132 111.
    • The following reporting formalities may be fulfilled through the NSW: · Reporting formalities resulting from legal acts of the Union.


  3. mandatory reporting nsw number

    • YMCA NSW Mandatory Reporting Procedure. Mandatory reporting of child abuse and neglect | Child Family... aifs.gov.au.
    • The phone number for mandatory reporters is 133 627, and for the general public 132 111.


  4. Child Wellbeing & Child Protection | Mandatory reporters

    • · Mandatory reporter guidelines. Child Wellbeing & Child Protection – NSW Interagency Guidelines. 1. Understanding the reporting framework.
    • · Home and/or mobile phone number · Cultural background of parents, language(s) spoken, religion and other.


  5. YOUTH | 6.2 Who is a mandatory reporter?

    • The phone number for mandatory reporters is 133 627, and for the general public 132 111.
    • 6.3 How is a report made? Mandatory reporters working in certain government agencies (eg NSW Health, The Department of Education and Training, the NSW Police, and Juvenile Justice, Housing and Aging...


  6. Helpline eReporting | Mandatory reporter instructions

    • A mandatory reporter in NSW is an individual required under section 27 of the Act to report to the Child Protection Helpline when he/she has reasonable grounds to suspect that a child, or a class of children, is at risk of
    • Phone and Call back phone numbers may be different. Phone is your.


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  8. Community Services - How to make a report? | Mandatory Reporter Guide

    • If you are a mandatory reporter, you can make non-imminent suspected risk of significant harm reports to the Child Protection Helpline either by using eReporting or by phone. All urgent reports must be made by phone to the Helpline on 132 111.


  9. Reporting trends and | Children and young people in NSW currently “known to DoCS”

    • ...4-6 Cavill Avenue Ashfield NSW 2131 Phone (02) 9716 2222 www.community.nsw.gov.au 2.
    • The expansion of mandatory reporting requirements, both in terms of what was to be reported and who were to be the mandatory reporters, had a major effect on the number of children reported, and on...


  10. Community Services - Before I make a report | Mandatory Reporter Guide

    • Mandatory reporters from NSW Health, NSW Police Force and Department of Education and Training can also contact their Child Wellbeing Unit for advice.
    • full name (including any known aliases), approximate age, address and phone number of the parents or carers.