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  1. Child Wise - State Legislation & Reporting WA | What is mandatory reporting?

    • State Legislation & Reporting - WA. Local Legislation. The Department for Child Protection and Family Support is responsible for overseeing and upholding child protection in Western Australia.


  2. mandatory reporting wa legislation

    • 5.3 Like Queensland, the mandatory reporting legislation in the Australian Capital Territory (‘ACT’), South Australia (‘SA’), Tasmania (‘Tas’), Victoria (‘Vic’) and Western Australia (‘WA’) includes a list of particular groups of professionals who are mandatory reporters.


  3. Mandatory Reporting of | Information Requested by the Legislature

    • Mandatory Reporting of Hazardous Exposures by Firefighters. A Report to the Legislature. January 2016. Document number: LR-15-07 Available online at: Lni.wa.gov/LegReports.
    • The legislation requires a report from the work group, with any recommendations for legislation or...


  4. FAQ - Confidentiality issues and mandatory reporting

    • Go to whole of WA Government search. Print.
    • The mandatory reporting legislation provides strong confidentiality protection for mandatory. reporters and for those who provide information on the basis of which a report is made, or who.


  5. Frequently Asked Questions | Why is medical mandatory reporting legislation in place in Western Australia?

    • On 17 March 2008, Western Australia implemented the mandatory reporting of long term or permanent medical condition process which is a road safety initiative. The legislation was put in place due to recommendations made from a Coroner's inquest following a fatal traffic crash.


  6. Mandatory reporting of health professionals | WA NSW Total 12 72 221

    • The concept of mandatory reporting is not unusual in legislation.
    • 41 Western Australia, Legislative Council, Standing Committee on Uniform Legislation and Statutes Review, Report on the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (WA) Bill 2010, Report No 52 (2010) at [4.89], referring...


  7. Summary of Legislative Changes | Mandatory reporting was first enacted in 1971 and directed toward medical professionals, teachers, social workers, clergy, pharmacists, and DSHS employees. Since then, the group of mandatory reporters has been expanded several times.

    • New activities grow out of requests from the Washington Legislature and executive branch agencies, often directed through legislation.
    • We have estimated the proportion of the state’s adults who had jobs subject to the mandatory reporting law for three time periods.


  8. Avant - Mandatory reporting for health professionals – WA exemption

    • “Even if mandatory reporting is a perceived barrier, it needs to be addressed to enable better health access… The Western Australia amendment removes this added perception, while maintaining the professional requirement to ensure patient safety,” the authors said. Adopting the WA legislation...


  9. mandatory reporting nsw legislation - Информационно-поисковая База jylyoi.kz

    • mandatory reporting legislation nsw aged care. • Mandatory Reporter Guide (MRG) used by all mandatory reporters across NSW to determine.
    • Mandatory reporting of health professionals | WA NSW Total 12 72 221.


  10. Fact Sheet 3 - Confidentiality Issues and | Mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse

    • Mandatory reporting legislation in Western Australia offers significant legal protections to persons involved in making reports.
    • For the most up-to-date version of this publication, please visit www.mandatoryreporting.dcp.wa.gov.au. 20102008DCPMRS3.