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  1. Mandatory sentencing - Wikipedia

    Mandatory sentencing requires that offenders serve a predefined term for certain crimes, commonly serious and violent offenses. Judges are bound by law; these sentences are produced through the legislature, not the judicial system.


  2. What are Mandatory Minimums?

    • Mandatory minimum sentencing laws require binding prison terms of a particular length for people convicted of certain federal and state crimes.


  3. Mandatory sentencing was once

    • Mandatory sentencing was once America’s law-and-order panacea. Here’s why it’s not working. A confidential informant approached Joseph Settembrino, 18, about selling LSD.


  4. Sentencing 101

    • Mandatory minimum sentences—set by Congress, not judges—require automatic, minimum prison terms for certain crimes.


  5. Mandatory sentencing

    • Mandatory sentencing laws vary from country to country; it is mainly an area of interest only in Common Law jurisdictions...


  6. Federal Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Statutes

    • Lists of the various federal mandatory minimum sentencing statutes are appended, as is a bibliography of legal materials.


  7. Than we can afford | Challenging the Process of Mandatory Minimum Sentencing

    • Executive summary introduction mandatory minimum sentencing principles of sentencing policy considerations.


  8. Mandatory Sentencing Laws

    • Mandatory Sentencing Laws. This information brief describes Minnesota laws mandating judges to impose specified sentences on persons convicted of certain crimes.


  9. Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Reform

    • Mandatory minimum sentencing reform. Prison definitely pays, but there’s one class of criminal that is an arguable exception: low-level, first-time drug of-fenders . . .


  10. Mandatory sentencing - The Full Wiki

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