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A mandatory sentence is a court decision setting where judicial discretion is limited by law. Typically, people convicted of certain crimes must be punished with at least a minimum number of years in prison. Mandatory sentencing laws vary from country to country...

Mandatory sentencing

Mandatory sentencing laws vary from country to country; it is mainly an area of interest only in Common Law jurisdictions...

Mandatory sentencing was once

Mandatory sentencing was once America’s law-and-order panacea. Here’s why it’s not working. A confidential informant approached Joseph Settembrino, 18, about selling LSD.

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While the exact form of mandatory sentencing varies, commons forms include 3-strike laws and minimum sentences for a particular offense.

What are Mandatory Minimums?

Mandatory minimum sentencing laws require binding prison terms of a particular length for people convicted of certain federal and state crimes.

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After being sentenced youths are likely to enter a criminal career, and some commit suicide. Only the Northern Territory has abolished mandatory sentencing.

Playbook for Change? | New approaches to mandatory sentences

Peggy McGarry Director, Center on Sentencing and Corrections. 2 playbook for change? States reconsider their use of mandatory sentences.

What is Mandatory Sentencing? (with pictures)

Mandatory sentencing is a form of punitive sentencing in which a legal officer, such as a judge, has little or no control over a sentence that is enforced as punishment for a crime...

Than we can afford | Mandatory Minimum Sentences and Deterrence

Executive summary introduction mandatory minimum sentencing principles of sentencing policy considerations.

Mandatory Sentence Law & Legal Definition

Mandatory sentences are those sentences which a judicial officer is required to impose regardless of the circumstances of the offense.

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