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In United States fiscal policy, mandatory spending is spending on certain programs that are required by existing law. In the United States, mandatory spending refers to budget authority and ensuing outlays provided in laws other than appropriations acts, including annually appropriated entitlements.

Mandatory Spending: Social Security, Medicare

Current Mandatory Spending Hits New Record. Mandatory spending is currently estimated to be $2.606 trillion for FY 2017.

Mandatory Spending: Definition, Programs and Impact

Definition: Mandatory spending pays for U.S. Federal programs that have already been established by Congress under so-called authorization laws.

What is mandatory spending? definition and meaning

Some businesses have a mandatory spending that they must put out and at times they will be forced to buy things.

mandatory spending glossary term

mandatory spending - Spending (budget authority and outlays) controlled by laws other than annual appropriations acts.

Mandatory Spending

Mandatory spending is composed of budget outlays controlled by laws other than appropriation acts, including federal spending on entitlement programs.

Mandatory Spending - What Does It Mean?

"Mandatory spending" makes up the majority of US government expenditures. -- Articles That Mention Mandatory Spending

A Closer Look at Mandatory Spending

A Closer Look at Mandatory Spending. Primarily benet programs for which laws set eligibility rules and benet formulas.

Mandatory spending

In economics, mandatory spending is spending on certain programs that is required by existing law.[1]. In the United States...

Mandatory spending financial definition of Mandatory spending

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