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Definition of mandatory spending: Spending that is mandated by law.

Mandatory Spending: Definition, Programs and Impact


Definition: Mandatory spending pays for U.S. Federal programs that have already been established by Congress under so-called authorization laws.

Definition of Mandatory Spending


What is the definition of the term "mandatory spending"?

Definition of Discretionary Spending


What is the definition of the term "discretionary spending"? "Discretionary spending" and "mandatory spending" are the two types of spending that make up the sum total US government...

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In United States fiscal policy, mandatory spending is spending on certain programs that are required by existing law. In the United States, mandatory spending refers to budget authority and ensuing outlays provided in laws other than appropriations acts, including annually appropriated entitlements.

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Mandatory spending refers to spending enacted by law.

Mandatory spending definition


MANDATORY SPENDING Definition. MANDATORY SPENDING is spending that is automatically obligated due to previously-enacted laws.

Mandatory_spending Definition


What is the definition of mandatory_spending? Mandatory_spending is an anagram of the following dictonary word(s):0.07124.

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