Mandatory Spending: Definition, Programs and Impact

Definition: Mandatory spending pays for U.S. Federal programs that have already been established by Congress under so-called authorization laws.

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Mandatory Spending Law & Legal Definition

Mandatory spending refers to spending enacted by law. Generally, a mandatory spending consists of entitlement programs.

Definition of Mandatory Spending

What is the definition of the term "mandatory spending"?

Mandatory spending definition

MANDATORY SPENDING Definition. MANDATORY SPENDING is spending that is automatically obligated due to previously-enacted laws.

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What is mandatory? definition and meaning

Definition of mandatory: Containing or constituting an authorization and/or command.

Mandatory reporting | definition of mandatory reporting by Medical...

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Discretionary spending - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In public finance, discretionary spending is government spending implemented through an appropriations bill. This spending is an optional part of fiscal policy, in contrast to entitlement programs for which funding is mandatory.

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