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  1. Meaning - Wikipedia

    Meaning may refer to: Meaning (existential), the worth of life in contemporary existentialism. Meaning (linguistics), meaning which is communicated through the use of language. Meaning (non-linguistic), a general term of art to capture senses of the word "meaning", independent from its linguistic uses.


  2. Meaning - definition of meaning by The Free Dictionary

    • b. Something that is conveyed or intended, especially by language; sense or significance: The writer's meaning was obscured by convoluted prose.


  3. Meaning Synonyms, Meaning Antonyms | Thesaurus.com

    • And surely that was his meaning when he threw scorn upon 'bores and philistines'. "I thought so," said Norah, with a little nod that had a great deal of meaning in it.


  4. Meaning-making - Wikipedia

    In psychology, meaning-making is the process of how persons construe, understand, or make sense of life events, relationships, and the self. Through meaning-making, persons are "retaining, reaffirming, revising, or replacing elements of their orienting system to develop more nuanced...


  5. Meaning | Define Meaning at Dictionary.com

    • Meaning is the general word denoting that which is intended to be or actually is expressed or indicated: the meaning of a word or glance.


  6. Meaning (philosophy of language) - Wikipedia

    The nature of meaning, its definition, elements, and types, was discussed by philosophers Aristotle, Augustine, and Aquinas. According to them "meaning is a relationship between two sorts of things: signs and the kinds of things they mean (intend, express or signify)".


  7. meaning — с английского на русский | Словари и энциклопедии на Академике

    • double meaning двоякое значение double meaning двусмысленность meaning pres. p. от mean meaning выразительный meaning значащий; (много)значительный...


  8. The Meaning of Life (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

    • However, most recent discussions of meaning in life are attempts to capture in a single principle all the variegated conditions that can confer meaning on life.


  9. Use meaning in a sentence | meaning sentence examples

    • A few months ago she didn't know the true meaning of love. There is more than one meaning of Lima discussed in the 1911 Encyclopedia.


  10. meaning - это... Что такое meaning? | Словари и энциклопедии на Академике

    • Смотреть что такое "meaning" в других словарях: Meaning — may refer to: Meaning (linguistics), meaning which is communicated through the use of language Meaning (non linguistic)...