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Sorted just changing it to eng only the forced subtitles have displayed, great thx. The UMS.conf should look like this: mencoder_disablesubs = false forced_sub_lang = eng, mencoder_audiosublangs = eng,off...

Additional SUBs info in TRANSCODE folder+forced SUBs support

When you browse dir and there exist subtitle file, PMS will show it with [MEncoder] tag because it found subtitles.


Cycle through the available subtitles. y and g. Step forward/backward in the subtitle list. F. Toggle displaying "forced subtitles".

DVD to XviD Encoding with Mencoder » Savvy Admin

Mencoder’s choice may not be what you want, and the audio will also be converted to a high quality VBR stereo MP3. Adjust any settings as you see fit.

Ripping Multilanguage DVDs with Subtitles using Mencoder

I only rip with variable bitrate VBR. It has very good quality, but it is not surround sound.

MPlayer(1) manual page | enqueue (GUI only)

Forces the given audio playback rate, changing video speed to keep a-v sync. MEncoder passes this value to lame for resampling.

How to get subtitles using mencoder (Linux/BSD only) | Forum

# # Perl hook script for using mencoder to encode FLV with Subsonic # Renders subtitles if they exist in the same dir and with the same name as # the video and end in either .ass or .str # Usage: # Install mencoder (apt-get...

Only dump forced subtitles.

I would like to only dump subtitle entries that are marked as 'forced' from a non-forced subtitle stream in a mkv.

man mencoder - movie player mencoder - movie encoder...

Display only forced subtitles for the DVD subtitle stream selected by e.g. -slang. -fribidi-charset <charset name> (FriBiDi only).

Hardcoding subtitles using mencoder Putztastic Tech

If you want to hardcode vobsub based subtitles, mencoder seems incapable of doing it, the only reliable way I’ve found thus far is to use Handbrake. Update: VLC is also capable of it if you use it from the command line.

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