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mentis. second-person singular present subjunctive form of mentir. mentis. first-person singular past historic of mentir.

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nova mentis, new mind, English US, Latin, Translation, human translation, automatic translation.

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Non compos mentis (latin) is the legal term meaning "not of sound mind". Non compos mentis derives from the Latin non meaning "not", compos meaning "having command" or "composed", and mentis (genitive singular of mens), meaning "of mind".

Learn Latin Legal Terms 'Compos Mentis' and 'Ceteris Paribus'

Translating Compos Mentis from Latin to English. Most legal systems require that persons entering into a contract, writing a will, or standing trial for a crime be mentally fit to do so.

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non compos mentis — Latin, lit. not master of one s mind … Etymology dictionary. non compos mentis — *insane, mad, crazy, crazed, demented, deranged, lunatic, maniac …

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