minus :: Ord a => [a] -> [a] -> [a] Source. The minus function computes the difference of two ordered lists. An element occurs in the output as many times as it occurs in the first input, minus the...


Hvad siger man når noget er godt, og når noget ikke er godt…. plus-ord. minus-ord.

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Глен Орд (Glen Ord) - шотландское односолодовое виски северного Хайлэнда.

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As sepp2k pointed out, the implementation of minus must assume ordered lists. Here goes a possible implementation: Minus :: Ord a => [a] -> [a] -> [a] minus [] _ = [] minus xs [] = xs minus l1@(x:xs) l2...

Set (core 4.4 API) | minus

The empty set. Parameters: ord - An order for the type of elements. Returns: the empty set.

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...Warning: Redundant bracket Found: case (compare x y) of LT -> x : minus xs (y : ys) EQ -> minus xs ys GT -> minus (x : xs) ys Why not: case compare x y of LT -> x : minus xs (y : ys) EQ -> minus xs...

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minus xs _ = xs. -- Ordered List: union.

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xs ys) -> RelSet xs -> [(HRec (Minus xs ys), RelSet ys)] ps1 _ (RS t) rx = [ (x, projection (selection rx (eqPredicate x))) | x <- Set.toList t] Да, я знаю, что со ScopedTypeVariables оно пишется сильно...

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In this case it doesn't actually matter because the Bin atom is converted to an Ord atom at all places where it is reasonable. (That is how the normal minus works, after all.)

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