Forced subtitles - flag not being set in MKV file? | Forum

The corresponding track in the MKV files does not have the "forced subtitles" flag set on the track itself. I think this would be a big improvement to have, particularly for users of Kodi and similar players that try to handle forced subtitles.

Dune/MKV Forced Subtitles - NerdWiki

The Dune does not honor the Forced flag in the subtitle streams. This causes problems with movies like District 9 that depend on subtitles being enabled. To fix this problem, run this dsf file on your Dune. MKVs that have forced subtitles will have a brief hiccup when they begin to play.

#2166 (MKV Default and Forced Subtitle Track Not Turned...)

Currently if a MKV video with an embedded subtitle having the forced flag is played, MPC will ignore the meaning of the forced flag. It should check on "Enable" and select the forced subtitle if present, even when subtitles were previously disabled.

Forced subtitles | Forum

If you only use 'forced' subtitles - disable subtitles from the Audio OSD while playing a movie and then choose the setting 'set as default for all movies', forced subs will then be loaded, provided the 'forced' flag had been set in the mkv mux.

Forced Subtitles in MKV files - Air Video HD Feature Requests | Forum

MKV files have a flag that can be set if a Forced Subtitle Track is included in the MKV container. It would be nice if that subtitle track could be automatically displayed (as it is also done in Blu-ray Discs such as Avitar, John Carter, District 9...

Forced subtitles - WD TV Live Firmware - WD Community

Ok... so I asked for forced/default subtitles in MKV files and we got them with 1.06.15. Now, inexplicably, forced subtitles don't work. They are either on or off, but the forced flag makes zero difference.

Forced Subtitles Detection - Plex Forums

The forced track is not displaying unless I manually enable subtitles and choose that track (ignoring the convenience of having the forced subtitle flag).

Extracting Flagged subtitles in MKV | AfterDawn Discussion Forums

I guess these parts are 'flagged' in the mkv for forced playback. My problem is, when I add the subtitles in AVStoDVD to make a DVD it shows all of the subtitles, not just the flagged ones. I'm assuming AVStoDVD just doesnt support this flagged function.

Subtitles - Kodi | 5.3 Using Forced Subtitles

Enable or disables subtitles. Subtitle tracks with the "forced" flag are unaffected by this and should always display.

AVS Forum | Subtitles, subtitles, subtitles... (mkv) | Forum

Davinci original MKV rip with full english subtitle track in VobSub. VLC: plays all subtitles, but can also switch them off, taking "forced" off too...

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