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    • Re: "Monetized by Copyright Owner". Liam Seys.
    • If the copyrighted owner decides to take your video down instead of monetizing it, you could get a copyright strike.


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    • Hello all, What does "monetized by copyright owner" mean on Youtube? Basically we found a lengthy abstract video on YouTube, cut and pasted it to pieces to suit one of our songs.


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    • youtube monetized by copyright owner. 3rd. 3 suggestions found.
    • ..or, reexamine consisting words: what, does, monetized, copyright, owner, mean, youtube.


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    • Monetized by copyright owner. Meet again with me 33 ways to website.
    • [Monetised by copyright owner] HQ LONG VERSION - watch?v=1MIMpDHCCZ4. 0:49 Can You Feel It 2:55 ABC 3:41 The Love You Save 4:54 I'll Be There 9:49 I Want You Back.


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    • Monetized By Copyright Owner. Think And Grow Rich: Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner Edition. by Napoleon Hill.
    • Authors and Owners: The Invention of Copyright. by Mark Rose.


  7. What is a Content ID claim? - YouTube Help | Blocking certain platforms: In some cases, copyright owners may restrict the devices, apps, or websites on which their content can appear. These restrictions won’t change the availability of your video on YouTube.com.

    • Instead, the copyright owners can choose to monetize your video.
    • Support for users affected by copyright claims. What is a Content ID claim? Copyright strike basics.


  8. Copyrighted content on channel - questions about monetization – Google Product Forums

    • It indicates that Monetization and again under Policy that the video will be monetized by claimant/copyright owner. In this second video, there's an "i" hover-info icon that reads I can use the copyrighted content in my video, but that ads might appear in my video.I acknowledge the above fully.


  9. Copyright Viewing restrictions - Unavailable on some devices – Google Product Forums

    • My video is monetised by copyright owner, obviously I got permission.. but still it shows me "Copyright Viewing restrictions - Unavailable on some devices".


  10. Copyright and other need-to-knows - YouTube | The copyright owner’s policy determines if they want to block, monetize, or track it.

    • If you want to monetize your videos: Keep in mind that age-restricted content won’t be eligible for monetization.
    • The copyright owner has 30 days to review your dispute, but their block or track policies will be suspended while you wait for their response.