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There are different measures of deficits in macroeconomics and each type of deficit measure carries a different macroeconomic meaning. The broad measures of deficit (which have been and/or are being) reported by the government in India, may be classified...

In fiscal and economic policy parlance, monetization of fiscal deficit...

Until 1993, fiscal deficit in India was automatically monetized through the issue of special securities called Ad-­‐Hoc Treasury Bills issued by the RBI on behalf of the Central Government to itself, that is...

India Should Monetise 20,000 Metric Tonnes Of Gold | Silver Doctors

India should monetise their huge gold stockpiles of over 20,000 metric tonnes according to the World Gold

Will someone tell Rajan & FM that Indians have already monetised...

A few weeks back, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) announced draft guidelines for a “gold monetisation scheme” under which people holding gold can make their "unproductive asset" earn a return of, say...

Gold Monetization Scheme (GMS), Discuss. by Prateek Kumar

The big idea behind gold monetization policy is that India produces around no gold and imports massive amounts of it- about 800 to 1000 tons a year-this leads to a big trade deficit.

Fiscal Deficit India 2009 |authorSTREAM

What fiscal deficit is, component of it, current scenario, reason for such fiscal deficit, how govt. monetize deficit and measure to reduce deficit.

Inflation is measured by the Wholesale Price | Inflation In India

• WPI is the measure of headline inflation in India. • WPI preferred to CPI -wider commodity coverage -available on weekly basis -computed at all-India basis.

How many types of deficit in Indian budget

4. Budget Deficit 5. Monetised Deficit.

Policy Brief

The close relationship between the monetized deficit, reserve money, and the price level in India until 2003 is presented in the graph.

Monetise public debt and deficits | willem buiter's maverecon

India. Japan. Afghanistan.

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