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MPlayer(1) manual page | enqueue (GUI only)


MPlayer has an onscreen display (OSD) for status information, nice big antialiased shaded subtitles and visual feedback for keyboard controls.

mplayer(1): movie player - Linux man page


-dumpmicrodvdsub (MPlayer only). Convert the given subtitle (specified with the -sub option) to the MicroDVD subtitle format.

Ubuntu Manpage: mplayer2 - movie player


Display only forced subtitles for the DVD subtitle stream. selected by e.g. --slang. -- forceidx.

MPlayer FAQ - MultimediaWiki | Subtitle/OSD


How to force SSA subtitles size to constant one. Try ass-force-style=FontSize=<value>. For vobsub subtitles, is there anyway to change the font?

MPlayer | edlout <filename> (EDL only)


Display only forced subtitles for the DVD subtitle stream selected by e.g. −slang.

Mplayer - Wikibooks, open books for an open world


Try running mplayer command-line only - your prompt will usually output good information about errors.

mplayer forced subtitles only


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Playing Multiple Subtitles Simultaneously with Mplayer


I’ve tried it: mplayer -dumpsrtsub -noautosub -really-quiet -frames 0 -sub edukators_1.srt edukators_1.avi and I got only this: mplayer: could not connect to socket mplayer: No such

Only dump forced subtitles.


Post by Nicholas Robbins I would like to only dump subtitle entries that are marked as 'forced' from a non-forced subtitle stream in a mkv.

mplayer cheat sheet | F forced subtitles


Keyboard cheat sheet for the MPlayer media player, overviewing the default controls.


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