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Our MS Word 2003 test, measures your knowledge of MS Word 2003. Designed for experienced users, this test covers the following topics: Advanced Features, Document Creation, Formatting, Page Layout, Revising and Printing, Shortcuts, and Word General Knowledge.

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1. In Word 2003, the two primary graphic categories are: Answers: • AutoShapes. 2. The figure shows the Save As dialog box under the File menu. The Save As Type has been specified as XML Document and the Apply transform option has been checked (selected). What does this mean?

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Syllabus of the Test: Automation and Built-in Features. Working with Tables and Frames. Word 2003 Fundamentals.

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Jul 19, 2014Завершено. $409. Печать текста на MS-Word. Печатать тексты в Ворде с отсканированных материалов. 147.

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Till 23 April 2016, this Upwork MS Word 2003 Test attended by 117,865 freelancers and total 51,578 freelancers qualified it. Please Try to review each questions and answers properly.

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MS Word 2003 Test and Answers following bellow . Syllabus of the Test: Automation and Built-in Features. Working with Tables and Frames. Word 2003 Fundamentals. Formatting Characters using Word 2003. Formatting Paragraphs using Word 2003. Printing Options in Word 2003.

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To find the answer press CTRL+F in your keyboard and type the word(s) you want to find. How can you create a box around the text that is placed on a web page, as shown in the figure? Ans: Draw a rectangle around the text using the rectangle drawing tool.

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Microsoft Word 2003 – это популярный текстовый редактор, предназначенный для создания новых и редактирования уже имеющихся документов. Он даёт возможность значительно упростить работу с текстами, оформлять их, добавлять графические элементы, рисунки...

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Which Word 2003 toolbar is shown in the figure? a. Forms toolbar b. Formatting toolbar c. Autotext toolbar d. Tables and Borders e.

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