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The wallet description and file location are shown in the title of the MultiBit Classic window.

How to import old wallet to Multibit? - Bitcoin Stack Exchange

So, I got Multibit. But I couldn't import the old .dat wallet. Am I missing something?

Import bitcoin-qt wallet to Multibit / Dogecoin hashrate wallet

Wallet Location.

Changing Wallet.dat location (MAC)

Author. Topic: Changing Wallet.dat location (MAC) (Read 2868 times). Sage.

multiple wallet.dat files

I have multiple wallet.dat files. How can I switch between them? What name would you give to the smallest unit of bitcoin (0.00000001)? sat. What name would you give to 100 sats? bit.

Human | Huntercoin | Harvesting Wallet (do not Encrypt)

5. Backup Wallet.dat (in multiple locations). 6. Rename your wallet.dat – this is now your savings wallet. Harvesting Wallet (do not Encrypt): 1. Run Wallet Client (Huntercoin-qt) 2. Get some HUCs – buy, giveaway, bounty, exchange. Create Hunters.

Specify location for wallet.dat file · Issue #68 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub

New issue. Specify location for wallet.dat file #68.

Open Wallet Format (Converter for now) – The Shayan – Reborn reads the keys from Bitcoin-QT wallet (e.g wallet.dat) and exports them to MultiBit wallet format (e.g multibit.key) but also applicable for imports.

How to Import Bitcoin Core wallet.dat File into MultiBit

In fact, this just happened to me after dusting off my old wallet.dat file from 2 years ago.

Wallet - Bitcoin Wiki

A Bitcoin wallet is a collection of private keys but may also refer to client software used to manage those keys and to make transactions on the Bitcoin network. This page covers various wallet formats in use. The original Bitcoin client stores private key information in a file named wallet.dat following...

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