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The wallet.dat file is located in the Bitcoin data directory. It is intended that a wallet file be used on only one installation of Bitcoin at a time.

How to import wallet.dat on Multibit?


But when I went to bitcoin site I saw that the client was different and very heavy. The site recommend to install Multibit. I got Multibit, but found out that I couldn't import the old wallet.dat, they wanted a different format.

Support - MultiBit Classic v0.5 - Moving a wallet to different... | MultiBit


Locate "multibit.wallet" - the location appears in the title bar when you select the wallet in MultiBit Classic. Multi-select "multibit.wallet" (file) and "multibit.info" (file) and "multibit-data" (directory).

Support - MultiBit Classic v0.5 - Wallet management | MultiBit


The wallet description and file location are shown in the title of the MultiBit Classic window.

Blockchain Wallet FAQ - How to export a wallet to Multibit?


How to export a wallet to Multibit? Please log in to your My Wallet account, and download a copy of your wallet.

multibit wallet dat location


01:58 Экспорт wallet.dat (точнее Privat Key) с Blockchain: ... 04:44 Импорт приватных ключей в Multibit HD 05:36 Экспорт приватный ...

Import bitcoin-qt wallet to Multibit / Dogecoin hashrate wallet


Wallet Location.

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Wallet.dat – this file is storage for keys, transactions, metadata, and options relating to Bitcoin (Data Directory, 2014). As all of the information pertaining to a user’s Bitcoin account is stored in the

Import uncomfirmed wallet.dat from official bitcoin client to multibit?


Earlier today I attempted to send .25 BTC to my Coinbase account from my Multibit wallet.


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