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После некоторого времени поисков, я все-таки запустил дебаг на нетбинсе. Ответ довольно прост, вместо: Extension=php_xdebug.dll. Нужно подключить так: Zend_extension=ext/php_xdebug.dll.

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For crying out loud, doesn't anybody run PHP on IIS? Well, we do. I can get it to work, but not the way I need it to and not consistently. Are there any tutorials or help for IIS users (other than the basic setup instructions)?

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I use xdebug with IIS7, PHP 5.3, FastCGI. The dll is set up correctly and I can debug php files both in notepad++ using DBG plugin and NetBeans 6.9. The problem is that I can debug small php files, but when I open my project from existing files NetBeans stay in 'waiting for connection' forever.

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The Netbeans software offers the "XDebug" add-on that lets you debug a PHP application on an Internet Information Services computer. PHP does not include an internal debugger, so programmers use the Netbeans interface to run a Web page in debugger mode.

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Xdebug is a very nice extension for PHP. It makes step by step debugging possible in your IDE. For most people it’s easy to install Xdebug and start debugging their web application on localhost with some IDE, for example Netbeans.

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zend_extension = "c:/xampp/php/ext/php_xdebug.dll" xdebug.idekey = netbeans-xdebug xdebug.profiler_append = 0

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Running Apache and MySQL side-by-side with IIS (or WebMatrix and Web Platform). Using Dropbox To Host or Backup Websites and Database Folders on Windows.

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1. Скачать xDebug. 2. Отредактировать php.ini. 3. Настроить NetBeans. 4. Больше ничего делать не нужно — начинаем дебажить :) Начнем двигаться! Шаг 1. Для того чтобы скачать xDebug нужно знать откуда и какую версию качать.

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