NetBeans 7.0 for PHP Waiting for Connection to XDebug

My favorite IDE for PHP development NetBeans failed to connect to the PHP debug library xDebug. It just shows “NetBeans XDebug waiting for connection message’ in the status line for long time. See the example on the image below.

php - netbeans shows "Waiting For Connection (netbeans-xdebug)"

Xdebug.remote_host= - This is the IPv4 address of my system, I changed to this because I couldn't debug with localhost and In NetBeans IDE, open Tools-> Options->PHP->Debugging. The values of debugger port and Session Id should match with the port and...

php - Netbeans waiting for connection to XDEBUG - Stack Overflow

3. in php options debugging tab change xdebug setting port to other than 9001 or 9000. I choose 9002 but you can try until you find a free port (if port is not free nb tell you) 4. in php.ini or for ubuntu users in /etc/php5/conf.d/20-xdebug.ini.

php - Waiting For Connection (netbeans-xdebug)... - Stack Overflow

Add to php.ini: xdebug.idekey=netbeans-xdebug. Find out if you have a xdebug.ini file and add the xdebug related php.ini lines to that file. You have to un-comment the zend_extension line (i.e. remove the ; at its begninning), so Xdebug is actually loaded.

Netbeans “Waiting For Connection (netbeans-xdebug)” Issue

But the “Waiting For Connection (netbeans-xdebug)” runs endlessly, while the page displays in the browser with “localhost:99/magento/index.php?XDEBUG_SESSION_START=netbeans-xdebug”.

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i am trying to debug my php code in netbeans. the code runs perfectly but i am unable to debug it(doesn't

Subject: Waiting For Connection (netbeans-xdebug) over and over

Hello!! I'm working with Netbeans 6.9.1 (the PHP pack) and I just can't get this f**ing xdebug to work. I've really spent hours trying to make it work and still nothing yet.

Bug 259085 – php debugger waiting for connection

First Last Prev Next This bug is not in your last search results. Bug 259085 - php debugger waiting for connection.

Howto check xdebug installation (NetBeans for PHP)

I have just installed NetBeans for PHP, after some less than ideal experience with PHPEdit. I have not been able to debug anything however: The debug process is said to be "waiting for connection (netbeans-xdebug)" and 'its never end' for me also.

xdebug - waiting for connection in netbeans | Web Design

I start debug, and NetBeans waits for ever for a connection with xdebug. I have NetBeans 6.8 (latest version) with the latest MAMP package installed on my mac. My php.ini looks like this

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