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  1. new privet hedge dying

    • Privet hedge dying. Start a new thread. 1 to 2 of 2 replies.
    • Privet is a popular, small leaved hedge plant that grows quickly. Privet can be evergreen in warmer climates, but is mostly a deciduous plant in New England.


  2. Privet Hedges: Growing Tips for Ligustrum Shrubs

    • Tips for Growing Privet Hedges. The Very Name Suggests "Privacy".
    • As someone who landscapes in frosty New England (USA), I prefer shrubs that are truly evergreen here for hedges, such as Canadian hemlock and arborvitae.


  3. Pruning privet hedges

    • The privet hedge will burst with new growth as soon as a bit of sun hits it. Privet Wilt and Honey Fungus.
    • Again, privet is such a tough plant that many other species will succumb to local honey fungus before the privet hedges start dying back.


  4. What Is a Privet Hedge? (with picture)

    • The United States, United Kingdom, and New Zealand have all seen this problem firsthand; New Zealand banned anyone from growing or selling the privet hedge as a result of its massive spread.
    • One "expert" told me it was honey fungus and the whole hedge would die, but not so far!


  5. Privet hedge pruning tips

    • This opens up the center of the hedge to light and air circulation to avoid die-out inside the hedge.
    • Stand back and ensure the line is level and at the appropriate height. For mature privet hedges, cut back to an inch past where new growth starts.


  6. PrivetFilter - garden hedge dying | Ask MetaFilter

    • Why is this privet hedge dying?
    • Are the privets simply not getting enough water, are the new trees competing too much, or have the privets caught a disease from the mulch, or have they reached the end of their natural lifespan (having been there as long as I can remember, +30 years)?


  7. The Best Time to Trim a Privet Hedge | Home Guides | SF Gate

    • Once established, an informal privet hedge -- one where individual shrubs keep their natural shape -- is pruned after the plant's fragrant white flowers bloom in mid-spring. You should only need to prune informal hedges once a year, removing one-third of the longest stems and shortening remaining new...


  8. Privet Hedge Disease | Home Guides | SF Gate

    • Privet hedges lend themselves to every situation -- use them as formal garden dividers, privacy screens or perennial-bed backdrops.
    • Earlier symptoms include stunted growth, dying twigs and yellowing, prematurely dropping leaves.


  9. BBC - Lancashire - Nature - Ask the gardener: Hedges

    • If your Privet Hedge is slowly dying back David it could quite easily have been infected by Armillaria Root Rot (Honey Fungi). Information on the disease is now available on these pages (Question from Terry Jenkins - Privet Hedge).


  10. dying hedge - gardening forum | gardenersworld.com

    • Where i've replanted the new hedge hasn't died it just hasn't grown.
    • I have exactly the same problem with my privet hedge. I have seen a white fungus in the soil that seems to be the result of a rotting tree stump which I removed.