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What Is a Privet Hedge? (with picture)

The United States, United Kingdom, and New Zealand have all seen this problem firsthand; New Zealand banned anyone from growing or selling the privet hedge as a result of its massive spread.

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Why is this privet hedge dying?

How to prune a new privet hedge - 1Q5A

My new privet hedge is dying? Dig them up and break the rood ball apart then make sure the hole is 3x the size of the root ball. Partially fill the hole with planting soil and water it then ...

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A customers Privet hedge has started dying in places. Hedge has been in about 3years. But some of the trees are dying off within the hedge. Pulled one of the roots out to have a look. The roots seem very soft like wet tissue paper.

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Privet Hedge. GREAT way to trim your property! 1-2' Tall Plants!

Pruning privet hedges

The privet hedge will burst with new growth as soon as a bit of sun hits it. Privet Wilt and Honey Fungus.

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Privet is a popular, small leaved hedge plant that grows quickly. Privet can be evergreen in warmer climates, but is mostly a deciduous plant in New England.

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Privet hedges lend themselves to every situation -- use them as formal garden dividers, privacy screens or perennial-bed backdrops.

Why Did Privet Hedge Die Over Winter

Question From: Lakeville, New York, United States. Q: why did my privet hedges die over the winter? Winter kill John. It froze to death.

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