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13 июл 2015 ... Одним из помощников развертывания является Octopus Deploy. ... Далее CI приложение (TeamCity, TFS, Jenkins, Bamboo, или другое ...

Download: 3.7.16 - Octopus Deploy


Download release 3.7.16 of Octopus Deploy, an automated deployment tool for .NET developers.

TeamCity - Octopus Deploy 3.0 - Octopus Deploy


Octopus Deploy: Push Packages (Octopus 3.3 and TeamCity plugin 3.3.1 or newer) Push packages to the Octopus Deploy built-in repository, optionally using the TeamCity zip feature to create packages on-the-fly.

TeamCity Plugins - TeamCity - Confluence


Plugins submitted for TeamCity plugin contest are marked with the icon. The plugins are listed in the following sections

TeamCity :: Plugins | Octopus Deploy plugin


Octopus Deploy plugin. Creates Octopus-compatible NuGet packages and triggers Octopus Deploy deployments. Octopus and TeamCity go together like peanut butter and jelly.

New TeamCity Octopus Deploy Build Trigger Plugin


Out of this pain point, this plugin was born. It allows you to setup a single build that watches a specific Octopus Deploy project, and runs tests against the environment targeted when the project is deployed. TeamCity parameters are used to pass information about the environment...

Using Octopus Deploy to Publish SSDT Projects Built with TeamCity


One singe Octopus Server can control the deployment to all your environment so you can deploy to CI, staging and live all from one box. Finally, there is a TeamCity plugin for Octopus that can be deployed to control the publishing directly from TeamCity.

Using the TeamCity plugin - SQL CI - Product Documentation


This example uses the DLM Automation Build runner that's part of Redgate's DLM Automation TeamCity plugin.

GitHub - matt-richardson/teamcity-octopus-build-trigger-plugin


A TeamCity plugin that polls Octopus Deploy, and triggers a TeamCity build when

Deploying the Azure website and Azure webjob from Octopusdeploy...


I found only one reasons why you will need Octopus Deploy. That reason is ~. Multiple servers deployment: If you have a lot of servers then Octopus tentacle comes in

Deploying Database Projects with Octopus Deploy – Disorderly Data


Hi, we use TeamCity to generate NuGet packages using the Octopus Deploy plugin. That takes care of everything so there is no need for a nuspec file, so long as your project includes the Octopack NuGet package. Hope that makes sense…?


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