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Server Address is passed to the Web applications in "api_server" parameter. method can't be passed as an attachment in photo upload methods, but must be passed as query parameter only.

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Итак, как и обещал, продолжаю тему взаимодействия с различными API. В прошлый раз писал про API ВКонтакте, сегодня напишу про API Одноклассников.

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REST API - users.getLoggedInUser - Odnoklassniki.ru - Confluence users.getLoggedInUser. Returns information about currently logged in user.

REST API - users.getCurrentUser - Odnoklassniki.ru - Confluence


… Odnoklassniki.ru Third Party Platform.

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The Crowdynews Control REST API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Crowdynews Control with other applications.

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REST API - stream.publish - Odnoklassniki.ru - Confluence stream.publish. This method publishes a post into the user's news and returns ID of the post.

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Odnoklassniki.ru Go to website. Odnoklassniki is ranked 14,941 in Australia. 'Одноклассники.'

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Odnoklassniki.ru API uses the OAuth 2.0 protocol for ... mobile and desktop apps.

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