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var_dump(sum(1, 2)); .... You do use &$array to tell the compiler "it is OK for the function to over-write my ... i.e. "I'm done with the variable, it's OK to stomp.

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15 дек 2016 ... Привет! Есть сервер с SSL, пробую делать запрос на установку setWebhook, через var_dump выводит ответ: {"ok":false,"error_code":400 ...

Using PHP’s var_dump() to Display SQL Query Results


By definition var_dump() is a debugging tool, which displays structured information about any PHP variable. Below is a handy bit of code using var_dump() to test and verify that a SQL query contains data and view the contents using PHP



notifications = Notification::with( 'notifiable', 'notifiable.post' => function($query) { var_dump($query); die

mysql - PHP var_dump returns reesource(16) - Stack Overflow


var_dump($result); shows resource(16) of type (mysql result) means your query is ok.

Invalid query - On a valid query? - PHP - The SitePoint Forums


So one query is ok, the second isn't. Just to be sure, could you do an echo of $q right after the var_dump? I know the query is displayed by the dbError method, but still.

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custom post types - WP_Query and using a variable for 'cat...


I added / tested this: $category_id = (int)get_cat_ID(single_cat_title('', false)); var_dump( $category_id ); and WP_Query ignores my args and defaults to something else.

《golang: 详解interface和nil》


Adding record in Peoplesoft Query.

PHP PDO variable not working in query but static value... - PHP Freaks


before query and it shows the correct value but not working in query. Below is the code i'm working with


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