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  1. ok var dump q

    • PHP также позволяет использовать массивы (array) и специальный тип NULL в качестве .... var_dump(sum(1.5, 2.5)); ?> .... You do use &$array to tell the compiler "it is OK for the function to over-write my ..... php > a($q = 2); var_dump($ q)


  2. ok 22 var dump q - Информационно-поисковая База jylyoi.kz

    • (VAR * 22)) # Умножаем VAR на 22 и передаем результат команде echo $[VAR * 22] .... Ctrl + q : Возобновить вывод процесса. ok var dump q. jylyoi.kz.


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    • 28 авг 2015 ... проверяю директорию var_dump(system('pwd')); все норм, путь вывело пытаюсь скомпилить в этой директории var_dump(system('g++ ... ok var dump q. jylyoi.kz.


  4. ok';var_dump($q)

    • var_dump(sum(1, 2)); .... You do use &$array to tell the compiler "it is OK for the function to over-write my ... i.e. "I'm done with the variable, it's OK to stomp.
    • If you're like me and uses var_dump whenever you're debugging, you might find these two "wrapper" functions helpful.


  5. Портал по PHP, MySQL и другим веб-технологиям, Форум PHP программистов, var_dump

    • var_dump - дамп информации о переменной. Описание. void var_dump (mixed expression [, mixed expression [, ...]]) Эта функция возвращает структурированную информацию об одном или более выражений, которая включает его тип и...


  6. object - What is the JavaScript equivalent of var_dump or print_r in PHP? - Stack Overflow

    Most modern browsers have a console in their developer tools, useful for this sort of debugging. Console.log(myvar); Then you will get a nicely mapped out interface of the object/whatever in the console. Check out the console documentation for more details.


  7. php - How can I capture the result of var_dump to a string? - Stack Overflow

    • The difference between var_dump and var_export is that var_export returns a "parsable string representation of a variable" while var_dump simply dumps information about a variable.
    • Ok, I will explain it once more. The OT stated that he needs output of var_dump.


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    Error 404: Page Not Found.

    • Hidden cameras to catch illegal dumpers may come soon.


  9. PHP var_dump in C# to dump array or objects? - Stack Overflow

    The closest thing would probably be string.Join: Console.WriteLine(string.Join(", ", myEnumOfObjects)); It would not automatically include "every property or content of array or object" into the output, though - if you want that to happen...


  10. Convert var_dump of array back to array variable - Stack Overflow

    • php var-dump. I have never really thought about this until today, but after searching the web I didn't really find anything. Maybe I wasn't wording it right in the search. Given an array (of multiple dimensions or not)