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sqlsrv_next_result($q); var_dump(sqlsrv_fetch_array($q)); //OK - data as expected - 1st resultset sqlsrv_next_result($q); sqlsrv_next_result($q); var_dump(sqlsrv_fetch_array($q)); // OK - 3rd resultset shows up. Am I doing something wrong here? Or is there a way to fetch the 3 resultsets from a single...

Writing to the PHP error_log with var_dump & print_r - Justin Silver

If you want the more detailed output of var_dump(), it’s a bit trickier, but still pretty easy. In a nutshell, since you can only echo the results you have to capture the output buffer with ob_start(), assign it to a variable, and then clean the buffer with ob_end_clean...

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sqlsrv_next_result($q);sqlsrv_next_result($q);var_ dump(sqlsrv_fetch_array($q)); //OK - data as expected - 2nd resultsetsqlsrv_next_result($q);var_dump(sqlsrv_fe tch_array($q)); // OK - 3rd resultset shows upSame thing with this combination

PHP.SU - Функция var_dump()

var_dump - дамп информации о переменной. Описание. void var_dump (mixed expression [, mixed expression [, ...]]) Эта функция возвращает структурированную информацию об одном или более выражений, которая включает его тип и...

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Redirect the output of var_dump() function in a string. We have already learned that var_dump() function is used to display structured information (type and value) about one or more expressions.The function outputs its result directly to the browser.

Echoing: dd() vs var_dump() vs print_r() - Laravel Daily

We would see something like this: Oh, ok, three rows. Now what are the values? We have to click to expand it – ok, let’s do that

PHP: var_dump - Manual

If you're like me and uses var_dump whenever you're debugging, you might find these two "wrapper" functions helpful. This one automatically adds the PRE tags around the var_dump output so you get nice formatted arrays. <?php.

PHP XDebug not formatting var_dump | Technical output

XDebug is a great tool for PHP developers which, amnogst other things, is supposed to make var_dumps() easier to read. On a new install of Ubuntu 10.4 though I couldn’t get it to work.

WAMP reformatting my var_dump - Web Servers - W3Schools Forum

I googled....I just wasn't googling the right terms, apparently. I must have just got lucky. I started off looking for var dump stuff and then i noticed some of the xdebug stuff creeping in and noticed it in your post. then I connected the dots!

#20973 (date_i18n() produces invalid output for shorthand formats)...

[update] Hm, nope DATE_W3C weirdly seems to be more consistent with c than DATE_ISO8601. While either time zone format is actually ok for standard.

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