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Plant Propagation Methods. Plants can be propagated by two methods, namely – sexual and assexual. Sexual Propagation : Seed formation takes place only after pollination.

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Plant propagation is the art and science of increasing numbers of plants utilizing both sexual and asexual methods.

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Propagation: Pagoda flower in cultivation often fails to produce fruit and seeds. The suckers that arise around the base of the plant can be removed and replanted during fall or spring.

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During this time, students will research propagation, attempt to propagate a plant, keep a journal, and write a summary when the project is finished.

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There are two methods of plant propagation: • Sexual (seed) - entails the recombination of genetic material, resulting in progeny that differ from each other and from their parents. •

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Propagate Your Favorite Plants With Root Cuttings. Four simple steps to propagate more trees, shrubs and perennials.

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