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Laura Syrian Hamster Cage is available to buy online at Pets at Home, the UK's largest pet shop with fast delivery and low prices.

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Feeding Pet Hamsters. Hamster eating a cracker. Masaaki Toyoura/Taxi Japan/Getty Images.

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Here are a few tips to get your pets started in their new home.

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Bring your Syrian hamster home straight from the store without detours. Transfer the hamster from the carrier to the cage, which should be set up beforehand.

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Syrian Hamster. Mesocricetus auratus. Back to all pets. Share this page.

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I own 4 of these cages. This cage use to be sold in Pets at Home, but was unfortunately discontinued.

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Syrian hamsters are wonderful pets for people of all ages particularly children. They are naturally docile and easy to tame.


Syrian Hamsters require brushing to keep their hair free of debris like food and bedding material.

Syrian Hamsters (Golden, Teddy Bear, Fancy, Black Bear, Panda Bear)

Place your pet’s cage in a place in the home where it will be around the family, yet protected from direct light, drafts and excess noise during the day.

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