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AuthName "Restricted Access" ##AuthType Basic ##AuthUserFile /local/home/example/example.com/downloads/.htpwd ##AuthGroupFile /dev/null ##require valid-user. Alternately, why not set the Content Type and Disposition within your download.php file itself...

PHP Force Download File Name with Spaces - Stack Overflow


Wrap the filename in quotes, something like. Header("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=\"${name}.mp3\""); (can't remember how to escape "s in a string in php). I believe this is actually required by the HTTP specification.

urlencode - php - file_get_contents - Downloading files with spaces...


I am trying to download files using file_get_contents() function.

php - How can I change this line so i will download files with spaces...


Spaces in the name is breaking the download? 3. Downloading a file cause error when it contains spaces - PHP.

downloadfile - Download file in Zend 1 (PHP): File name is japanese


I using Zend FW 1 to download file File need download have file name japanese : るファイルを選択.pdf $this->path: is file path . Ex : D:\るファイルを選択.pdf This is my code in PHP.



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Download here.

PHP Force Download File Name with Spaces


Ok I seem to be having an issue with making my script download the file with the proper file name. If I strip spaces and dashes which looks like this.

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The Fast Track to download files .... * Faster Downloads - as fast as 1MBPS!*

QuickDL - Download | File Name


By attempting to download a file from this site, you agree to our Downloader's ToS. If you find a file that breaks our uploader Terms of Service, please help keep the site clean and report the file.

Readfile - Opening Files With Spaces In Their Name?


Replace %20 With Spaces When Downloading Files? Is it possible to get a url/downloaded file name change the "%20" to spaces?

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