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Here is scd.php. <?php $file = $_GET['stream']; $name = $_GET['name']; header("Content-type: application/x-file-to-save"); header("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=".$name.".mp3"); readfile($file); exit(); ?> It will force the download but it will only save the first word in the name that is...

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I am trying to download files using file_get_contents() function.

Space In The Download Filename


Replace White Space In Filename Of Uploaded File? File Download In IE6 Gets The Wrong Filename?

Filenames with spaces are truncated upon download - MozillaZine...


When downloading certain files, you may find that the filename is truncated up to the first space. Thus, a link to download the file "My Report.doc" produces a save dialog containing "My" as the filename.

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Invalid or expired link.

PHP download file script | Web Development Blog


My PHP download file script makes it possible to download files without a direct link. The PHP examples are written for file names or database record ID's.

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Excel Tips From John Walkenbach: Getting A List Of File Names Using VBA.

Smart File Download :: Free PHP Scripts


A solution to this isn't vital, but if the file being downloaded has spaces in the filename, the script replaces spaces with underscores.


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