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The PHP readfile() function reads files verbatim, including PHP files. This opens up a major security hole if you are passing the actual filename using GET or POST form data (or anything else that the

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PHP Force Download – Keep Track of What’s Going Down. By David Walsh on August 17, 2007.

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possible duplicate of Forcing to download a file using PHP – user May 15 '14 at 5:57.

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up vote 2 down vote accepted. Wrap the filename in quotes, something like.

PHP force download a file example

PHP allows you to change the HTTP Headers of files that you’re writing, so that you can force a file to be downloaded that normally the browser would load in the same window. Following php script will give to force download a file using php.

How to force a download dialog box by using PHP to send appropriate...

I won't get into all of that, but the noteworthy thing is that the request is to GET the file /phptools/force-download.php from the host

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Not only will it force the file to be downloaded but it allows you to specify a custom filename that it should be saved as.

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Download here.

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Want to force a user to download a file instead of viewing it in his/her browser?

eLouai's Force Download of media files script

Content-Disposition: filename and attachment. Identify the file as an attachment. Force Download Usage.

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