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The Session is created as an array so that it can hold the multiple ID's: Like so: <?php session_start()

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This would be double time doing the same thing, if u dont use seperate function to // populate $xml_nodes array and return that array if(isset($row)){ foreach($xml_nodes as $user_node){ //.

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You are using a string concatenation for your variable name: $r_.$country is the result of the two strings added together. I would suggest using an array for the result set like: $r = array(); // after $countries .... $r[$country] = mysqli_query.

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require_once( 'class.db.php' ); $database = new DB(); After the class has been included and initiated, you simply call the appropriate function and away you go!

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Here is the list of methods and queries. In magento to Read or Write any query we need database connection.

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mysqli_multi_query() - Performs a query on the database.

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sqlite_array_query « MySQL Database « PHP. PHP. MySQL Database.

How to Select Data from MySQL Database Tables Using PHP

In this tutorial you will learn how to select the records from MySQL database tables using the SQL SELECT query in PHP.

PHP Membuat Multidimensional Array dari Query Database MySQL

Oke, intinya saya ingin membuat suatu array multidimensi yang mempunya format seperti di bawah ini. Sedangkan hasilnya saya ambil dari database MySQL melalui select query. Semalaman saya mencobanya, dari sekitar jam 9 malam sampai jam 1 malam. Karena stuck dan gak ngerti PHP...

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