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PHP MySQL: Querying Data from Database


PHP MySQL Querying data using simple SELECT statement. To query data from the MySQL database, follow the steps below

How to Insert Data Into MySQL Database Table Using PHP


Let's make a SQL query using the INSERT INTO statement with appropriate values, after that we will execute this SQL query through passing it to the mysqli_query() function to insert data in table.

PHP mysqli_query() Function


The mysqli_query() function performs a query against the database.

How to make a MySQL connection using PHP on a HTML Page


PHP will require that mysqli is enabled (it is on most PHP set ups).

'MySQLi' for Beginners - Codular | Commit the queries


PHP MySQLi. Here we'll mostly be looking at the object oriented implementation, however

PHP: mysqli::select_db - Manual


PHPKonf: Istanbul PHP Conference 2017.

mysql - Cannot insert into database using php and mysqli_query


The closing bracket for the VALUES is missing ... $try = mysqli_query($link,"INSERT INTO troubleshooting_files (`title`, `asset`, `image`, `category`, `file`) VALUES ('title', 'asset', 'image', 'cat', 'file')");

Custom PHP MySQLi Database Class - PHP Dev Tips PHP Dev Tips


Tags: database queries, mysql query, mysqli, php, php classes, web applications.

Using PHP with MySQL - the right way - Tutorial - Binpress


You want to abstract database access in case you want to change your database or adapter (PHP extension used to communicate with the database). mysql_query() specifically has been deprecated as of PHP 5.5. It's interesting to note that W3Schools updated their tutorial to use the MySQLi extension...

PHP MySqli Basic usage (select, insert & update) | Connect to Database


Username or Email. Password. PHP MySqli Basic usage (select, insert & update). Saran Chamling.

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