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  1. How to Insert Data Into MySQL Database Table Using PHP - Tutorial Republic

    • Let's make a SQL query using the INSERT INTO statement with appropriate values, after that we will execute this insert query through passing it to the PHP mysqli_query() function to insert data in table.
    • In the previous section, we have learned how to insert data into database from a PHP script.


  2. PHP MySQL: Querying Data from Database

    • PHP MySQL Querying data using simple SELECT statement. To query data from the MySQL database, follow the steps below


  3. How to Select Data from MySQL Database Tables Using PHP - Tutorial Republic

    • Let's make a SQL query using the SELECT statement, after that we will execute this SQL query through passing it to the PHP mysqli_query() function to retrieve the table data. Consider our persons database table has the following records


  4. 'MySQLi' for Beginners - Codular | Commit the queries

    • PHP MySQLi. Here we'll mostly be looking at the object oriented implementation, however, there is no reason you
    • One of the major improvements that MySQLi brings is the ability to use transactions. A transaction is a group of queries that execute but don't save their effects in the database.


  5. How to make a MySQL connection using PHP on a HTML Page

    • PHP will require that mysqli is enabled (it is on most PHP set ups).
    • If it is successful you will see PHP connect to MySQL. Performing a database query. The mysql query is actually performed in the body of the html page, so additional php opening and closing tags will be required.


  6. PHP Create MySQL Database

    • The following examples create a database named "myDB": Example (MySQLi Object-oriented). <?php $servername = "localhost"; $username = "username"
    • $conn = null; ?> Tip: A great benefit of PDO is that it has exception class to handle any problems that may occur in our database queries.


  7. Using PHP with MySQL - the right way - Tutorial - Binpress

    • You want to abstract database access in case you want to change your database or adapter (PHP extension used to communicate with the database). mysql_query() specifically has been deprecated as of PHP 5.5. It's interesting to note that W3Schools updated their tutorial to use the MySQLi...


  8. PHP Tutorials: Reading records from a MySQL database

    • MySQL databases - read a record with PHP.
    • Use mysqli_query() to bring back the records we've specified in Step 1. Use mysqli_fetch_assoc() to set up an array.


  9. PHP mysqli_query() Function

    • mysqli_close($con); ?> Definition and Usage. The mysqli_query() function performs a query against the database.
    • For other successful queries it will return TRUE. FALSE on failure. PHP Version: 5+. Changelog


  10. PHP: mysqli::query - Manual

    • Then in my mysql function error trapper, something like this: <?php $error_msg = "Database error in [page].php / "; $error_msg .= mysqli_error ( $link
    • If you have the rights to patch you PHP installation the fix is easy: In file ext/mysqli/myslqi_nonapi.c, function PHP_FUNCTION(mysqli_query) change...