PHP: mysql_db_name - Manual

... выбор API и соответствующий FAQ для получения более подробной информации. Альтернативы для данной функции: Запрос: SELECT DATABASE() ...

GitHub - Vasiliy-Makogon/Database: Database - class for easy work ...

Database - библиотека для простой, удобной, быстрой и безопасной ... Database - class for easy work with MySql database using the extension PHP mysqli. ... the correct SQL-queries, the query string instead of the values written special ... `t` WHERE `name` = "?s" AND `age` = ?i', $_POST['name'], $_POST[' age']);.

PHP: mysql_select_db - Manual

Cross-database join queries, expanding on Dan Ross's post... Really, this is a mysql specific feature, but worth noting here. So long as the mysql user has been  ...

Установка WordPress « WordPress Codex

3.3 Шаг 3: Настройка файла wp-config.php; 3.4 Шаг 4: Размещение файлов .... mysql> CREATE DATABASE databasename; Query OK, 1 row affected (0.00 ...

PHP: PDO::query - Manual

PDO::query — Выполняет SQL запрос и возвращает результирующий набор в виде объекта ... $sql = 'SELECT name, color, calories FROM fruit ORDER BY name'; .... $query=$db->prepare("Select * from table where id=?");

PHP: PDOStatement::bindValue - Manual

$sth = $dbh->prepare('SELECT name, colour, calories ... A malicious parameter full of %%% can dump your entire database if you don't escape the parameter ...

PHP: mysql_query - Manual

mixed mysql_query ( string $query [, resource $link_identifier = NULL ] ) ..... Simply run the query "set names 'utf8' " against the MySQL DB and your output ...

Руководство:LocalSettings.php - MediaWiki

19 мар 2017 ... Файл LocalSettings.php предоставляет базовые настройки .... Make sure you have stated the correct database name here and use different ...

Работа с БД: Конструктор запросов | The Definitive Guide to Yii ...

Здесь мы используем Yii::app()->db для получения соединения с базой данных и ... id`, `username` AS `name` select(', username as name') ...


17 сен 2009 ... mixed CDatabase::Query( string sql, bool ignore_errors=false, string ... не существует, то будет подключен файл /bitrix/modules/main/include/ dbquery_error.php ... Аналог метода в новом ядре D7 - Bitrix\Main\DB\ Connection::query . ... while ($row = $results->Fetch()) { echo $row['NAME'];// выводим все ...

Handling MYSQL Query Results In PHP - PHP Database Functions...

Using a while loop in combination with either of these two functions, we can come up with a simple solution to process multiple results to an executed query. <?php $con = mysqli_connect("localhost","my_username","my_secret_password", "database_name"...

How to Create a Search Feature with PHP... | WebReference

After this, we call a built-in function in PHP, die, which will stop further execution of the code if it cannot connect to the database, and lastly, append error information by

PHP MySql Create database and tables - Online Php Guide

CREATE DATABASE [IF NOT EXISTS] database_name; mysql_create_db() is not supported by PHP 5. mysql_create_db() is deprecated. It is preferable to use mysql_query() to execute the statement above in PHP.

PHP MySQL: Querying Data from Database

To query data from the MySQL database, follow the steps below

Custom PHP MySQLi Database Class - PHP Dev Tips PHP Dev Tips

require_once( 'class.db.php' ); $database = new DB(); After the class has been included and initiated, you simply call the appropriate function and away you go!

Performing a database query

You need your MySQL server address (if the database is on the same server as the web server it will most likely be localhost or, username, password and database name.

PHP: SQL Injection - Manual

Example #2 Listing out articles ... and some passwords (any database server). <?php. $query = "SELECT id, name, inserted, size FROM products WHERE size = '$size'"; $result = odbc_exec($conn, $query)

How to Insert Data Into MySQL Database Table Using PHP

Here's an example, which adds a record to the persons table by specifying values for the 'person_id', 'first_name', 'last_name' and 'email_address'

PHP Tutorials: Reading records from a MySQL database

MySQL databases - read a record with PHP. To read records from a database, the technique is

Add, List, Edit, Delete Record in Database Using PHP... - Freeze Coders

Add record – Insert sql query List record - Select sql query Edit record - update sql query Delete record - delete sql query. There are four php files are used here to do this operations.


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