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If the engine supports cross-server joins then it should be possible in both PHP and Python.

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2). (As you are using PHP) Fetching data from one server, then either looping through the data and firing relevant queries to another server, or firing single aggregated query to another server based on the data fetched from first server.

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I have two identical mysql server with same databases and tables structures but with different data.

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Different Strokes… …for Different Folks PHP 101 (part 8): Databases and Other Animals – Part 2.

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This article covers the various options for querying and reporting data from multiple sources and different techniques and software that is available.

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Good day to all... I just want to ask.. How would you connect two tables from 2 different databases using PHP scripts?

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I have Database server on one machine and another one on some other machine. Now, the thing that I want to achieve is query the 2nd server's database

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May I know how to establish connection to two different database in two different server for one website? The reason I ask is because I do have the need to query another database that hosted in another server from my website.

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To answer you question yes you can connect different servers at the same time.

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