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php query database on different server


2). (As you are using PHP) Fetching data from one server, then either looping through the data and firing relevant queries to another server, or firing single aggregated query to another server based

Query database from two different server using ... | DaniWeb


I have two identical mysql server with same databases and tables structures but with different data.

MySQL -- Joins Between Databases On Different Servers Using...


How to retrieve data from multiple host database table in php and mysql. 2. Yii2: Is it possible 2 databases query at once with JOIN?

sql - Querying data by joining two tables in two database on different...


There are two tables in two different databases on different servers, I need to join them so as to make few queries.

PHP 101 (part 8): Databases and Other Animals – Part 1


Different Strokes… …for Different Folks PHP 101 (part 8): Databases and Other Animals – Part 2.

Connecting two mysql tables from different databases - PHP


I just want to ask.. How would you connect two tables from 2 different databases using PHP scripts?



Data Error.

how to insert data into database after validating each field in php without alert...



Table './mysql4smf/smf_members' is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repair failed.

Restoring a RMAN tap backup to different server.

How to Create MySQL Database and Tables in PHP - Tutorial Republic


In this tutorial you will learn how to execute SQL query to create a database and tables.

PHP for Web Designers | 6. Displaying Content from a Database


PHP for Web Designers is different. Author David Powers provides a gentle introduction to PHP, through a series of simple

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