PHP: mysql_query - Manual

function function(){ global $database; $q = array ( array("query" => "UPDATE table WHERE something = 'something'"), array("query" => "UPDATE table WHERE ...

GitHub - smi2/phpClickHouse: php ClickHouse wrapper

$db->write(' CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS summing_url_views ( event_date ..... Example custom query Degeneration in exam16_custom_degeneration.php ...

PHP: mysqli::query - Manual

if ($mysqli->query("CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE myCity LIKE City") === TRUE) { .... function to re-create your database connection. 3.

Конструктор запросов | Laravel по-русски

14 июл 2013 ... Добавление полей к созданному запросу. PHP $query = DB::table('users')-> select('name'); $users = $query->addSelect('age')->get();.

PHP: mysql_select_db - Manual

Cross-database join queries, expanding on Dan Ross's post. ... another (the syntax for referencing a field in another db table being 'database.table.field'). <? php

Работа с БД: Конструктор запросов | The Definitive Guide to Yii ...

Здесь мы используем Yii::app()->db для получения соединения с базой данных ... Параметр $tables определяет, из каких таблиц производится выборка, ...

PHP: PDO::query - Manual

PDO::query — Выполняет SQL запрос и возвращает результирующий набор в виде объекта .... $query=$db->prepare("Select * from table where id=?");

PHP: PDO::beginTransaction - Manual

В MySQL, тем не менее, выражение DROP TABLE автоматически .... I was trying to use the Database class propossed here in .... print "Query Failed!\n\n";

Редактирование wp-config.php « WordPress Codex

Найдите в корневом каталоге WordPress файл wp-config-sample.php и откройте .... The $table_prefix is the value placed in the front of your database tables. .... The SAVEQUERIES definition saves the database queries to a array and that ...

Тюнинг SQLite для PHP / Хабрахабр

2 дек 2013 ... Раз у меня есть сервер с развернутым PHP-окружением, то и сам ... таблицу $db->exec('CREATE TABLE foo (i INT, i2 INT)'); return $db; ...

PHP MySQL: Querying Data from Database

PHP MySQL Querying data using simple SELECT statement. To query data from the MySQL database, follow the steps below

How to Delete Data from MySQL Database Table Using PHP


How to Update Data in MySQL Database Table Using PHP


Displaying all table names in php from MySQL database

That way you can see the results of various queries without having to go through PHP's functions for sending queries and receiving results. If you have to use PHP, here's a very simple demonstration. Try this code after connecting to your database: $result = mysql_query("show tables"...

php - Show values from a mySQL database table... - Stack Overflow

Browse other questions tagged php mysql database table or ask your own question. asked.

Create MySQL Database Using PHP | Creating Database Tables

PHP uses mysql_query function to create a MySQL database.

MySQL & PHP- Show Tables In Database

Someone asked me the other day how to display the existing tables in their database with a PHP script. The query itself is pretty simple, but people seem to get confused about the PHP side of it.

Custom PHP MySQLi Database Class - PHP Dev Tips PHP Dev Tips

example-data.sql which contains a table create statement as well as some sample data referenced in example.php.

Create a database and tables with PHP -

Create a database and tables with PHP. The function mysql_query are used to send a query to a MySQL database. The queries are written in the language Structured Query Language (SQL).

Executing mysql query by using PHP basic functions like mysql_qury()

PHP MySQL query with error printing. How to write SQL using PHP to handle the data in MySQL database? In any database driven script we have to update, add, modify, data in the tables. By using PHP we can do all this using different functions available in PHP.


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