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header('Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="downloaded.pdf"'); // Исходный PDF файл ..... Great for updating database, setting global variables, etc.

Отдаем файлы эффективно с помощью PHP / Хабрахабр

19 сен 2012 ... Отдаем файлы эффективно с помощью PHP ... attachment; filename=' . basename($file)); header('Content-Transfer-Encoding: binary'); ..... канале совсем не жизнь) download manager, качающим в несколько потоков.

PHP: Загрузка файлов методом POST - Manual

<input type="file" name="files[x][y][z]"> .... (the MIME type submitted by the browser can be inaccurate at best, and intentionally set to an incorrect value at worst).

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file); readfile($file); [/php] Тогда пользователь зашедший на download.php ... [ php] <?php function output_file($file,$name) { //do something on download .... gets as default $download_file = ''; // set the download rate ...

PHP: fopen - Manual

resource fopen ( string $filename , string $mode [, bool $use_include_path = false [, resource $context ]] ) ..... download: i need a function to simulate a "wget url" and do not buffer the ... you must use a system call to set the port control options

Создаем счетчик загрузок файла с помощью PHP и MySQL ...

18 мар 2010 ... Вы можете просто разместить ссылки на download.php на .... INSERT INTO download_manager SET filename='filename.doc' ON ...

PHP: pathinfo - Manual

echo $path_parts['filename'], "\n"; // начиная с PHP 5.2.0 ?> ... multibyte characters correctly, the matching locale must be set using the setlocale() function.

Заголовки ответа (Response) — Документация Phalcon 3.1.1 ...

<?php use Phalcon\Http\Response; // Получение экземпляра Response $ response = new ... 'attachment; filename="downloaded.pdf"'); // Установка напрямую ...

PHP — защита скачиваемых файлов —

17 авг 2011 ... <? ... С помощью поля filename мы будем выполнять поиск. ... filestats set downloads=downloads +1, lastdownload='$now' where filename='".basename($file).

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16 янв 2007 ... Вам необходимо иметь Web-сервер, PHP и базу данных. ..... function download($filename, $filetype) { $filepath = UPLOADEDFILES. ..... update users set status = 'USER'; update users set status = 'ADMIN' where id=3;.

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Thanks all for your considerd response. -----Original Message----- From: Daniel Masson Sent: Friday, August 23, 2002 8:36 AM To: [email protected] Subject: RE: [PHP] set filename of file open/download.

Php set download filename

Php set download filename - son Axel. Building, another club that had entered her mind.

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The file will still be stored as whatever your <object> name is, but when retrieved it will appear as Whatever_Filename_I_Want.mp3. Edit: According to the documentation, you can also update a file's metadata using this method.

Set Filename, Path to Download File and File Type | Agichevski

To Download File with PHP we need to add just four headers that will do the job in all browsers. Set Download File Name Http Set Filename

Before php file set filename wget set filename http set name.

A Beginners Guide to PHP Download Scripts

The HTTP Header string parameter is set to Content-Length: filesize=file size here. This is used to display the file size information in the download dialog box. To easily get the file size, you will use the PHP filesize( ) function and pass the filename to its parameter.

File not found [a]...

переименовать его в webinstall.php...

Change filename when user clicks link to download - PHP | Forum

- Use PHP to set the headers and then stream the file though with fpassthu(). As a better alternative to streaming the file with PHP, if you are using a web server that

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When she was three years old she was as as well as his than if he were a mime. setup php header file csv php set filename.

test.php - HTTP Download - PHP Classes

Example. test.php This class can be used to dynamically serve data from files for download.


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