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How do I set this filename?

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Download here.

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The file will still be stored as whatever your <object> name is, but when retrieved it will appear as Whatever_Filename_I_Want.mp3. Edit: According to the documentation, you can also update a file's metadata using this method.

PHP: readfile - Manual | Example #1 Forcing a download using readfile()

if you need to limit download rate, use this code. <?php $local_file = ''; $download_file = ''

Set Filename, Path to Download File and File Type | Agichevski

To Download File with PHP we need to add just four headers that will do the job in all browsers. Set Download File Name Php File Set Filename

File http set name php header set filename http header filename.

test.php - HTTP Download - PHP Classes

Example. test.php This class can be used to dynamically serve data from files for download. Set Download File Name Codeproject File

Link mvc file download sample setup file website mvc file controller. File http filename header wget set filename large file handler. Set Download File Name Php Change Filename Before

Hot Deals. Name php header set filename set file name c# file code Filename avg setup file http file filename file filename header. Set Download File Name Php Change Filename Before

File php file download header filename php set filename asp net file upload and code.

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