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PHP: strspn - Manual


<?php strspn(string $haystack, string $char_list [, int $start [, int $length]]) ?> The way it works: - searches for a segment of $haystack that consists entirely from supplied through the second...

PHP strspn() Function


PHP strspn() Function. PHP String Reference. Example. Return the number of characters found in the string "Hello world!" that contains the characters "kHlleo"

PHP.SU - Функция strspn()


int strspn ( string str1, string str2 [, int start [, int length]] ).

Php strspn - CoderLearner | PHP String Functions 3


PHP function strspn. This function returns the length found in the string that contains only characters from the charlist.

strspn « String « PHP


strspn.php. 3. strcspn demo.

PHP на русском: Функция strspn() - Возвращает длину участка...


(PHP 4, PHP 5). strspn — Возвращает длину участка в начале строки, полностью соответствующего маске. Описание. int strspn ( string $subject , string $mask [, int $start...

PHP strspn() 函数


PHP String 函数.

Finds the length of the initial segment of a string consisting entirely...


<?php $var = strspn("42 is the answer to the 128th question.", "1234567890"); ?> will assign 2 to $var, because the string "42" is the initial segment of subject that consists only of characters contained...

PHP, функция strspn()


Строка сравниваемая с маской. string.



int strspn ( string str1, string str2). Returns the length of the initial segment of str1 which consists entirely of characters in str2. The line of code: <?php $var = strspn("42 is the answer...

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