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What does PHYSICALLY mean? | Definitions & Translations

Definition of PHYSICALLY in the dictionary.

Manner - definition of manner by The Free Dictionary

Define manner. manner synonyms, manner pronunciation, manner translation, English dictionary definition of manner. n. 1. A way of doing something or the way in which a thing is done or happens...

Physically dictionary definition | physically defined

In a physical manner. According to the laws of physics.

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Mannerism definition, a habitual or characteristic manner, mode, or way of doing something; distinctive quality or style, as in behavior or speech...

"Workmanlike Manner," Defined | Lorman Education Services

Where claims have originated because of the application and interpretation of this term, the courts have considered and provided their determination with a definition: {10}...

Mannerism Definition, History, Characteristics of Mannerist Art.

Mannerist Painting • Mannerist Painters • Mannerist Sculpture • Decline • The Origins and Development of Mannerism. Further Resources. • Cinquecento • Mannerist Artists • Renaissance in...

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dictionary Definition / Define. Physically. Physically Adverb. In a physical manner. According to the laws of physics.

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