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BackYard Chickens article, what-to-do-with-unwanted-cockerels Yikes, one of my chicks is a cockerel!

Updated pics: Pullets or Cockerels?


Comparing the Jubilee and the lightest one to the other chickens in the picture I'm leaning towards cockerel, but could be wrong. Their combs and waddles aren't as big or as red as the 2 cockerels, but they're not as small as the pullets.



[pictures] Pics of a pregnant chick with huge boobs.

What is a Cockerel? (with picture)


The point when a chicken transitions from being a cockerel to a rooster is a bit ambiguous, but in general, a rooster is a chicken which has fully matured, and mated with hens, while a cockerel is either still growing, or inexperienced with hens.

Mt. Healthy Hatchery Chick/Duck Hatchery, Mail order day old chicks


Click on the picture of the Chicken type and Sex for more pricing and ordering info.

Buying Chickens So You Don’t End Up With Lemons!


Are You Buying Chickens or Lemons? Understand that anyone who keeps or breeds chickens will have to cull unproductive birds from time to time.

Central Hatchery Chicken Pictures | Sil Go Link Cockerel Chicks


Central Hatchery Chicken Pictures. Big Brown Eggs.

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Red EE Cockerel (Chickens).

Keeping chickens and cockerels


If you are thinking of getting chickens, take time to find out what you need to get started and how to keep your chickens safe and healthy.

Advice on keeping cockerels and chickens


Advice on keeping cockerels and chickens. Noise complaints from crowing cockerels are more frequent during the spring and summer months due to the longer daylight hours.

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