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Песня “Work Hard, Play Hard” принадлежит известному американскому рэперу - Wiz Khalifa. Соавторами трека выступили: Stargate и Benny Blanco. Композиция была выпущена в формате лид-сингла.

Work Hard, Play Hard - Wikipedia


"Work Hard, Play Hard" is a song by American rapper Wiz Khalifa, released as the lead single from his fourth studio album, O.N.I.F.C. (2012). The track features production from Benny Blanco and Stargate. Digital download. "Work Hard, Play Hard" - 3:40.

Work Hard, Play Harder - Wikipedia


"Work Hard, Play Harder" is the title of a song co-written and recorded by American country music artist Gretchen Wilson. It was released in October 2009 as the lead-off single from her album, I Got Your Country Right Here, which was released on March 30, 2010.

Work Hard Play Hard Lyrics - Wiz Khalifa


[Chorus: x2] The bigger the bill, the harder you ball Well I'm throwing mine, cause my money long The quicker you here, the faster you go That's why where I come from the only thing we know is.

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[Intro:] Work hard, play hard [4x] Work [8x]. [Verse 1:] Diamonds all on my brain nigga Gold watches, gold chain nigga Hundred thou' on champagne nigga Yeah my money insane nigga Yeah I'm making it rain nigga But I was just on the plane nigga Buying gear...

Wiz Khalifa - Work Hard, Play Hard, текст и слова песни


[Verse 3] Go hard Make sure you do whatever is that you gotta do, that's your job And niggas gon' hate but that's no prob' So hey fuck 'em don't need nothing from 'em Some niggas talking but the shit they claiming don't mean nothing It's straight from Cali, that's what's in my joint that's.

WIZ KHALIFA LYRICS - Work Hard, Play Hard


"Work Hard, Play Hard" lyrics. Wiz khalifa lyrics.

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Work hard, play hard Work hard, play hard.

WIZ KHALIFA - Work Hard Play Hard lyrics


"Work Hard, Play Hard" has straight-fire verses, and a catchy hook.

Gretchen Wilson - Work Hard, Play Harder Lyrics | MetroLyrics


I work hard, I work hard, I work hard I play harder. Now, I don't waste my time on Manicures and spray-on tans And I don't pay no never mind To the callouses I've worn on my hands.

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